WWF: One of World’s Largest Fisheries at Risk

May 18th, 2007 11:46 am by Kelly Garbato

Via the World Wildlife Fund:

One of World’s Largest Fisheries at Risk

Bristol Bay is at the epicenter of a sustainable seafood industry that’s worth $2 billion annually. It makes no sense to allow oil and gas drilling that would put Bristol Bay’s fisheries and its rich arctic marine biodiversity at risk, yet would generate only $7.7 billion total over 25 to 40 years of operation.

Now is the time to speak out — a House committee is expected to vote next Tuesday on whether to make Bristol Bay off limits to energy development for one year.

null Of course, a Tiny Violin alert is a given here; if you use the WWF’s sample letter, be sure to edit out all areas of concern except for that of Bristol Bay’s ecosystem.



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