AHA: Pet Safety and Protection Act HR1280 – 2007

May 19th, 2007 6:31 pm by mad mags

Via the American Humane Association & Care2:

Pet Safety and Protection Act HR1280 – 2007

The Pet Safety and Protection Act has been introduced in both the Senate and House each session of Congress for the last ten years. Ten years! And each year the bills languish in committees and are never given a vote.

Unfortunately, despite advances that have reduced the need to use animals for research many laboratories and research facilities continue to test their products on animals. Certainly we all look forward to the day when the need, and practice, of such animal testing ends. However, until that goal is reached we must insist on the best care and treatment of these animals and promote careful regulation of how these animals are obtained.

The Pet Safety and Protection Act would ensure that all dogs and cats used in research facilities are obtained through legitimate channels. This important bill will stop the unscrupulous conduct of dealers and bunchers who obtain animals from “free to a good home” ads or through other illegal measures and then sell them for a profit.

All animals, including those involved in laboratory research, must be afforded proper care and treatment, and should only be obtained from ethical sources. This bill is an important step in establishing federal safeguards on the ways animals are obtained for legitimate research.

Tell Congress to bring to a vote, and pass, the Pet Safety and Protection Act!



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