LCV: Tell President Bush he can’t have it both ways

June 3rd, 2007 12:27 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via the League of Conservation Voters (photo via me):

Tell President Bush he can’t have it both ways

The Bush administration has made a lot of blunders, but they made a whopper of one this week.

On Thursday, the president made a big show of rolling out what he claims is a plan to address global warming.

At the same time, the top NASA official, Michael Griffin – a man Bush appointed himself! – said this when asked about global warming on National Public Radio:

“I’m not sure it’s fair to say that it is a problem we must wrestle with.”

SK Bedding - George W. Bush

Excuse me??

It goes without saying that the science on global warming is now clear. Rising sea levels, intensifying storms, increasing risk of forest fires – these are the results of global warming. And global warming is being compounded by human actions.

The consensus of scientists, including NASA scientists, is clear. It is inexcusable that the most important research agency on global warming is headed by someone who denies the science!

Now, after six years of remarkable inertia, President Bush says he’s had a revelation: global warming really is a problem. Then just as quickly, his NASA appointee says he’s not so sure.

Which is it going to be, Mr. President?

Michael Griffin’s statements are unbelievable. Not only did he question whether global warming is a long term concern, he actually suggested that it might be beneficial! At a time when more Americans than ever are looking for strong leadership to help curb global warming, such rhetoric is ignorant, dangerous, and has no place in NASA leadership.

President Bush should be embarrassed. He should take action, to show which side he’s on.

What planet is President Bush on? Tell him to choose, by demanding Griffin’s resignation.

Together, we can turn this snafu into an opportunity. Congress is hard at work on critical clean energy legislation to increase fuel efficiency and renewable energy. The more pressure Bush feels now, the more likely he’ll be to sign those bills when they get to his desk!



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