NRDC: 3 New National Action Alerts

June 6th, 2007 6:47 pm by mad mags

From the Natural Resources Defense Council, three new national action alerts:

Tell the Bush administration to let us bring cleaner cars to America’s roads

The EPA is accepting comments through June 15th on its long-overdue decision to allow California to limit global warming pollution from passenger vehicles musik von unheilig kostenlosen. Send a message right away urging the EPA to allow California to implement this landmark law.

Tell Congress to say No to huge subsidies for the liquid coal industry

The coal industry is pushing Congress for huge subsidies and mandates for liquid coal production, even though it is inefficient, expensive and produces large amounts of global warming pollution driver's license for free. Urge your senators and representative to oppose any legislation that promotes liquid coal fuels.

Urge your representative to co-sponsor an important ocean protection bill

Decades of overfishing, pollution, aggressive invasive species and severe habitat loss are threatening our oceans, yet we have no comprehensive national law to address these problems iphone suche herunterladen. Tell your representative to support a bill that would protect and restore our oceans and the economies that rely on them.



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