IDA: Take Action: Stop Solomon Islands dolphin captures

June 9th, 2007 11:55 am by Kelly Garbato

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Date: Jun 8, 2007 8:51 PM
Subject: Take Action: Stop Solomon Islands dolphin captures

Take Action: Stop Solomon Islands dolphin captures

As many as twenty dolphin were recently captured in the Solomon Islands to meet supply and demand for the epidemic of captive dolphin amusement parks popping up around the world. At this early stage we don’t know exactly where the “Solomon Twenty” are destined for. When we find out we will inform you.

Dolphin dealer Christopher Porter of Marine Export Ltd (MEL) apparently has a buyer for twenty dolphins. Mr. Porter is working with his partners, Wildlife International Network, Inc. (WIN). You may recall that WIN is also known as Ocean Embassy (OE) in Panama. OE applied for a permit to capture eighty dolphins from Panamanian waters. A grassroots campaign is underway in Panama to stop these captures.

The Solomon Islands has a ban in place which prohibits the export of dolphins from the country, however the new government may have changed their mind about the export ban. We need to flood the prime minister — and the newspaper — with e-mail messages in order to stop this international traffic in captive dolphins.

The capture of wild dolphins and whales is violent, cruel, and disruptive to entire communities of cetaceans and the ecosystems in which they live. One capture method involves chasing dolphins to the point of exhaustion with high speed boats. The dolphins are then netted and dragged aboard. Undesirable dolphins (the old, the very young, the weak, injured, or sick) are thrown back into the sea, while the young, healthy specimens that meet aquarium specifications are kept for sale and transport.

Another method also involves chasing the animals with boats and herding them into enclosed bays or makeshift sea pens, where they are trapped and frequently separated from family members. (Dolphins and whales live in tightly knit social units, known as pods. In the case of orca whales, the pods stay together for life.)

Please take action to ask the Prime Minister to uphold the ban on dolphin exports from the Solomon Islands today!

Please urge friends and family to contact him as well. Also send a copy of your letter to the Solomon Star newspaper: solstar [at]

Read an article in The Age on the capture.

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