Kinship Circle: JUNE KC DIGEST: Saving Stu, Dolphin Captures, Oasis In Trouble + MORE

June 20th, 2007 9:00 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Date: Jun 20, 2007 6:50 PM
Subject: JUNE KC DIGEST: Saving Stu, Dolphin Captures, Oasis In Trouble + MORE


6/20/07: Kinship Circle DIGEST – ALERTS FROM MEMBERS
Saving Stu, Mass K-9 Grave, Dolphin Captures, Oasis In Trouble + MORE
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1. Saving Stu – Legally They Can Kill Him Any Day Now
2. Massive K-9 Grave Found On Michael Vick’s Property
3. Dolphin Captures In The Solomon Islands
4. 8 Shots, 3 Hours, 1 Death
5. Don’t Give Up On Louisiana Anti-Cockfighting Bill
6. Chance To Support Welfare For Animals Global
7. Eddie Lama & Oasis Sanctuary In Trouble
8. Stop Donkey Bullfights
9. Slaughter Of Egypt’s Abandoned Animals

Each DIGEST includes:

* NEWS and CALL-TO-ACTION, forwarded by Kinship Circle members.
* CONTACT INFO to reply directly to the activist who supplied the alert.
* Submissions are from KC members. Kinship Circle did not write/research alerts.
* Contact person who supplied alert — NOT KINSHIP CIRCLE.
* Send submissions for KC DIGEST to kinshipcircle [at]


1. Saving Stu – Legally They Can Kill Him Any Day Now

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Jeff de la Rosa (Stu’s dad) stu.911 [at]

FROM KINSHIP CIRCLE: We’ve followed Stu’s case for the last year or so. We’ve sent appeals to save Stu — to both Kinship Circle Primary and Animal Disaster Relief lists. This may be poor Stu’s “zero hour.” Read below and write to contacts, asking them to spare Stu’s life.

If you have further questions about this situation, please contact Stu’s human directly: Jeff de la Rosa – 323-864-7410; stu.911 [at]

Kinship Circle - 2007-01-10 - 01 - Stu

Stu’s “mugshot” 9.15.2005 *



In August, 2006 concerned animal lovers like you flooded the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Animal Services offices with emails, calls and faxes to save Stu from a planned “euthanasia” for haphazardly being declared a “dangerous dog.” Please, I need your help again.

Stu is still alive a year after he was supposed to be killed because LAAS and Ed Boks believe the experts report that Stu was not dangerous.

But on June 18, 2007, Stu had his day in court again… I’m sorry to say the our petition for a Writ to overturn the City’s ruling was denied this morning by the most erratic, rude and belligerent judge my attorney has ever encountered. I am preparing an appeal to the California Supreme Court to overturn Judge Yaffe who has been overturned before for such reckless disposition of the law.

Legally, they can kill Stu at any moment. I am writing an informal notice of appeal which I will deliver to L.A.A.S tomorrow asking them to keep him alive until a formal stay can be granted.

I am not finished trying to save him. At this point any letters of support to the department and the Mayor of L.A. would be appreciated.

LINK to LA Superior Court —

Enter the case number BS104836 for up to date court info.


Ed Boks, General Manager, Los Angeles Animal Services
221 N. Grand Ave. 5th floor; Los Angeles, CA 90012
ph: 213-482-9558; fax: 213-482-9511
email: eboks [at], Ed.Boks [at]

Rocky Delgadillo, City Attorney
800 City Hall East; 200 North Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
City of Los Angeles
200 N. Spring St., Room 303; Los Angeles, CA 90012
ph: 213-978-0600; fax: 213-978-0750
email: mayor [at]


From Jeff de la Rosa (Stu’s dad) stu.911 [at] — Below is a letter I also posted on LA Craigslist. I am encouraging people to contact Ed Boks to beg for time for Stu until I can get the appeal filed. He can legally kill Stu at any moment.

June 19, 2007 / VIA FAX and CERTIFIED MAIL
Jeffrey de la Rosa
1880 Morton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Tel: 323-669-1105



This is an informal notice that the decision by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yaffe, in case will be appealed to the California 2nd District Court of Appeals in a timely fashion.

A substitution of attorney form will follow as well as the NOTICE of APPEAL and other documents.

An emergency stay will also be requested preventing you from killing my dog, Stu pending a ruling by the above mentioned court.

I urge you not to act in any way detrimental to Stu’s life prior to your receipt of the Notice of Appeal.

Sincerely, Jeffrey de la Rosa

CC: Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor, City of Los Angeles
Eric Garcetti, President, City Council of Los Angeles
Edmund Brown, Jr., Attorney General, State of California
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor, State of California

Donations to help fund legal costs of the appeal can be sent via
using the address miniswag [at]
Thanks, Jeff de la Rosa
1880 Morton Ave.; Los Angeles, CA 90026
323-864-7410; stu.911 [at]


Kinship Circle - 2007-01-10 - 02 - Stu

Stu was a stray dog who adopted the lighting department on the Denzel Washington film Training Day in 2001. After 3 weeks of his company every night, all night, I could not leave him on the streets of the Crenshaw District. He was flea infested, tick-ridden and emaciated. We fell in love and I brought him home live with me and my other two dogs. The crew of Training Day was so taken with Stu that they donated over $400 for his care. Stu thrived in my care and is a smart and happy, well-trained dog. I took some effort to curtail his escape artist tendencies but I succeeded. For 5 years we lived happily together without a negative incident.

In 2005 I was called away to the death bed of my mother and left Stu and the other dogs, Maeve and Annie, in the care of my assistant. For some unexplained reason, Stu and my other dog fought about something and Stu’s ear was badly injured. They do not have a history of fighting but were most likely disoriented by strange surroundings. Against my instructions, the assistant locked herself in a small room, cornered a dog in pain and attempted to slide a harness over his torn ear. Stu was scared and bit her. She has been treated for her injuries and will receive an equitable settlement from my insurance company.

A Los Angeles Animals Services hearing was convened in which I was deprived of witnesses and evidence was destroyed by the department and in spite of this, the Hearing Examiner found Stu to be NOT DANGEROUS. However, the embattled then GM, Guerdon Stuckey reversed this decision and declared Stu DANGEROUS and sentenced him to die….


2. Massive K-9 Grave Found On Michael Vick’s Property

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded By: Linda Furness, linda.furness1 [at]

Original Message: gadove2003 [at]


LINKS / Report: Massive K-9 Grave Found on Michael Vick’s Property

According to a report (citing ESPN Radio), nearly three dozen dog carcasses were found on the Virginia property formerly owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

The warrant to excavate and search the property was executed earlier today and based on the video, it was obvious that they began to discover the remains of dead dogs early in their search. The remaining portion of the day was spent digging up the rest of Vick’s former yard in order to find any and all remaining deceased K-9’s.

As noted above, the end tally approached nearly 36 dogs; an incredible and almost unrealistic number. The amazement is only added to by the fact that Vick’s cousin, Davon Boddie, insisted that he and Vick had no knowledge or participation in illegal dog fighting

I have stuck to my guns and stated time and time again that Vick is innocent until proven guilty, and while that remains a fact by law, you can not dispute this evidence. Both Boddie and Vick are in serious, serious trouble and a five-year prison sentence may be right around the corner.


1. Contact the Falcons. Now we REALLY need to step up the complaints about Michael Vick being allowed to continue as a player! Terms like boycott, canceling season tickets, etc… would help.

Joanna Hunter
National Football League, Communications & Public Affairs
280 Park Avenue; New York, NY 10017
PH: 212-450-2449; FAX: 212-681-7573
Feedback to Falcons: feedback [at]

2. THANK the US Attorney’s Office for taking over this investigation! If not for him, the dead dogs would not have been found.

U.S. Attorney John L. Brownlee
Headquarters Office
310 1st Street, S.W., Room 906; Roanoke, Virginia 24011

Post Office Box 1709; Roanoke, Virginia 24008-1709

PH: 540-857-2250, Toll Free: 1-877-220-8014
TTY: 540-857-2037; FAX: 540-857-2614
EMAIL: at usavaw.webmaster [at]



Going for the Throat: Though illegal, dog fighting continues to draw crowds hungry for the sight of blood and the gambling thrill. A law enforcement officer takes us inside this underground world:


3. Dolphin Captures In The Solomon Islands

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Liz Sandeman, Director of Operations
The Marine Connection, liz [at]
Reg. UK charity no. 1062222


Marine Connection has been alerted to the capture of 20 dolphins in the Solomon Islands. Following another illegal dolphin capture in 2003 where several of the animals were exported to a captive facility Mexico, a ban was put in place by the Solomon Islands Government; however it appears this ban covers only the export of dolphins from the islands and does not include captures destined for the local market.


The charity needs only five minutes of your time to help release the recently captured dolphins.

Please click on the below link and email the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands expressing your concern that these captures have been allowed to proceed despite the ban, and urge the Solomon Islands government to demand the immediate release of the captured dolphins.


4. 8 Shots, 3 Hours, 1 Death

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded From: Lisa Koehl, lkoehl [at]


Kinship Circle - 2007-06-20 - Digest - 01 - Fred

©iStockphoto. Fred looked like this feral pig, but he was trusting and friendly. He suffered a three-hour death at a canned hunt.

Fred was raised as a family pet. He grew up in the Alabama hill country on the farm of Phil and Rhonda Blissitt. Phil had given Fred to his wife for a Christmas present, and he was fed and pampered as a dog or cat would be. But Fred wasn’t a dog or cat. He was a domestic pig, and when he grew up, the Blissitts, whom Fred had learned to think of as his family, sold him to the Lost Creek Plantation, a nearby “hunting preserve.”

Fred was longer than nine feet long and weighed half a ton. Since Lost Creek charges $1.25 a pound for what they call (inaccurately, in Fred’s case) “feral meat hogs,” operators figured to make more than a thousand dollars on Fred. They turned him loose in a 150-acre fenced enclosure, from which Fred had no chance of escape. On May 3, they sent paying customers Mike Stone and his 11-year-old son, Jamison, into the enclosure to hunt him down.

A Slow Death – Fred had never been wild, and he had never been hunted. People had always been his friends. They had fed him, rubbed his snout, and brought him treats. When he saw Jamison approaching with a pistol, he may have been curious, but nothing more. Then Jamison shot him.

People had always been his friends. They had fed him, rubbed his snout, and brought him treats. When he saw Jamison approaching with a pistol, he may have been curious, but nothing more. Then Jamison shot him.

During the pursuit, Jamison shot Fred a total of eight times. Jamison’s father and two guides had high-powered rifles and could apparently have dispatched Fred a number of times during the chase. But they held their fire and let Fred suffer pain and fear for three long hours before Jamison finally succeeded in ending his misery.


Legislation to ban canned shoots of exotic mammals regardless of the size of the shooting facility has made it out of committee and passed the New York Assembly, but its passage in the Senate is at risk. Even if you have taken action on this issue before, please take a moment now to call one more time and express your opposition to this unfair, inhumane practice. This is our last chance to protect helpless, unsuspecting animal victims of unsporting shooters and we need every New York animal advocate to take part in this priority campaign. Every phone call and email counts!

CALL Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno right away at 518-455-3191 and ask him to pass S. 784 to ban canned shoots of exotic mammals in New York.

After you make your call, fill in and submit the form on HSUS website:


5. Don’t Give Up On Louisiana Anti-Cockfighting Bill

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Pam Leavy, tundraleap [at]


In order to succeed, we must show that we have not forgotten, that we will not give up. I can assure you the cockers have kept up their pace. The anti-cockfighting bill seems to be in limbo. We need more public appeals to get things moving. The inhumane Ritchie bills seems to be dead, a huge step forward, however, the Ag committee may dissect the Lentini bill, adding Ritchie amendments, transforming it into a bill that is better off dead than passing–we’d be better off with nothing. One of the debating amendments is the phase out of cockfighting.

Although, a phase out date of 12/31/07 is better than waiting another year to start the fight again, we all know what will occur if there is a phase out: Chickens will be fought relentlessly — the cockers will have nothing to lose. There will be a huge influx of cockers coming to Louisiana from throughout the U.S. during those phase out months, all wanting to “dissolve” their living stock and fighting equipment. Cockfighting will be legal in Louisiana for another 6 months — the cockers will make the “best” of it.


1. Contact legislators. Be sure to include your address.

2. Contact your own legislator personally [IF YOU’RE A LOUISIANA RESIDENT], with a phone call or a personally addressed email. — under “contact us,” will provide a link to find your legislator

3. Email Representative Michael Jackson larep061 [at] — vice-president of the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus. Ask him to support an immediate ban and to persuade members of the Black Caucus to do the same.

4. If you are from out-of-state, state your reasons of how this bill would affect you and your state, such as the bird flu, but also how allowing cockfighting in Louisiana isolates us from the rest of the country and could certainly affect future aid in times of disaster.


Ask the legislators to:
1. Support an immediate ban, NO PHASE OUT.
2. Support Lentini’s SB 39, without amendments.

Explain why we need this bill:
1. Illegal gambling
2. Children exposed to illegal gambling and an inhumane blood sport
3. Bird flu
4. Embarrassment to the state
5. Even if a bill is passed, without stiff penalties, cockfighting will continue
6. Animal cruelty
7. Fowl should be included in animal cruelty laws


Copy and past, use Bcc if possible:

larep56 [at], ahoney [at], hdowns [at], larep51 [at], ccrane [at], larep18 [at], smithg [at], larep043 [at], larep021 [at], larep092 [at], larep100 [at], larep053 [at], larep029 [at], larep039 [at], larep003 [at], larep069 [at], larep078 [at], larep089 [at], larep002 [at], larep093 [at], larep072 [at], larep022 [at], larep076 [at], larep026 [at], larep084 [at], larep068 [at], larep010 [at], larep067 [at], larep052 [at], larep071 [at], larep013 [at], larep027 [at], larep057 [at], larep047 [at], larep011 [at], larep098 [at], larep035 [at], larep066 [at], larep040 [at], larep034 [at], larep087 [at], larep095 [at], larep017 [at], larep104 [at], larep061 [at], larep091 [at]

larep016 [at], larep065 [at], larep036 [at], larep081 [at],
larep096 [at], larep059 [at], larep080 [at], larep094 [at], larep099 [at], larep079 [at], larep014 [at], larep062 [at], larep009 [at], larep097 [at], larep001 [at], larep037 [at], larep103 [at], larep044 [at], larep054 [at], larep073 [at], larep006 [at], larep101 [at], larep045 [at], larep058 [at], larep090 [at], larep082 [at], larep024 [at], larep088 [at], larep008 [at], larep030 [at], larep074 [at], larep019 [at], larep085 [at], larep031 [at], larep055 [at], larep086 [at] larep005 [at], larep028 [at], larep015 [at], larep064 [at], larep004 [at], larep077 [at], larep105 [at]


6. Chance To Support Welfare For Animals Global

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Marijo Anne Gillis, Twinkieperkyebby [at]
Founder, Welfare for Animals Global


Most of you are aware that I utilize my personal assets to fund my work with animals. In order for me to continue my work to elevate the status of animals worldwide with the speed and intensity necessary; it is necessary for me to quickly sell two of my investment properties on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I kindly ask for your help. My web designer has created a site to facilitate sales and all I need for you to do, is simply click on my real estate sales site –

in order for the site to quickly gain ranking on the search engines.

Marijo Anne Gillis, Founder, Welfare for Animals Global
“an international political lobby and advocacy force reaching the world”

twinkieperkyebby [at]
ph: 212-427- 0587, 813-907- 3847
mobile: 646-284-1945; fax: 212-427-6381


7. Eddie Lama & Oasis Sanctuary In Trouble

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded By: zpenzel [at] Kuumbamade [at]

Original Message: Kuumbamade [at]


Please help me send whatever you can to this sanctuary below. Oasis has been taking on as many animals in dire straits as it can handle, and has just been hit with a financial shock that is setting them back and crippling their ability to take care of the animals they have. I sent as much as I could and am writing to you to ask you to find it in your heart to please send whatever you can to them.

If you’ve seen the movie “The Witness” you know the dedication these folks have to every single animal they meet. They are the real deal and are doing what most of us do not have the time or space to do for all the unfortunate creatures waylaid by society… Thank you, thank you! Karel

Make checks out to: Oasis Sanctuary
Mail to: Oasis Sanctuary
163 Third Avenue #320
New York, NY 10003


An Important Letter from Oasis Director Eddie Lama

Dear friends, members and friends of animals,

This is Eddie Lama, Director of Oasis Sanctuary, a place of hope and healing for animals and people. I am writing to you today to seek your help. Recent unanticipated developments at Oasis have created a need for us to downsize our animal population through placement of several dogs, cats, geese, potbellied pigs, turkeys, and rabbits. In addition to helping us adopt out these individuals, we are asking for donations of money, feed and care-giving supplies to help us continue our labors of love…

In 1998, FaunaVision, my New York City-based outreach and education organization, opened Oasis Sanctuary in the Catskills of New York. Co-founded by me and the late great Eddie Rizzo, Oasis has been providing a safe haven for all kinds of critters for almost 9 years. New residents of Oasis are cared for medically, given a lot of attention and love and brought back to health. Many animals are placed in forever homes…

The majority of animals that have come to Oasis were on the verge of death. Many dogs, for example, were tied to a chain all their lives, living without heat, adequate shelter or human companionship… We welcomed strays wandering aimlessly in the night. Law enforcement agencies turned to Oasis as the last hope for an unadoptable animal…

Through the years we have provided safety and quality of life for all those in our care. At one time we had 11 employees, several volunteers and a full-time manager. Costs to run the operation ran upwards of $600,000 per year. As time went on we downsized and lowered our average yearly expenses to approx. $350,000…

Eddie Rizzo’s untimely death in 2004 was a great loss to me, Oasis and to the animal community. Rizzo, as he was affectionately called, was more than the Co-founder, Director and my best friend for over 25 years, he was also a wildlife rehabilitator, a dog trainer and a strong positive presence in the Catskill community. He always went beyond the call of duty to help the “hopeless” both animal and human.

Rizzo’s passing was just one of several challenges Oasis has had to face in recent years. My construction business, the main financial donor for Oasis, found itself facing major hurdles and unforeseen troubles…

I want to ensure the survival of Oasis Sanctuary so we can continue the important and difficult task of helping animals in need…I am asking you, our friends in the animal community, to assist us in this task.

Click “Adopt A Critter” to see our adoptable animal residents.

Click “Donations” to visit our donation page.

With your help we can overcome our current challenges and continue to be here to help the chained up dog, the abandoned cat or the farm animal whose next stop would be the abattoir. Many sickly, unwanted, troubled and fearful critters all found a home at Oasis. And while we have been a sanctuary for tough placements, we now find ourselves in a tough place. Please help us continue to help them.

Thank you, for the critters, Eddie Lama


8. Stop Donkey Bullfights

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded By: Linda Furness, linda.furness1 [at]

Original Message: Dawn Vincent, Dawn.Vincent [at]


In November, we (The Donkey Sanctuary) were outraged to learn a donkey had been used in a Spanish bullfight in the town of Navaluenga to the west of Madrid. We also discovered a similar event had taken place in the nearby town of Burgohondo a few days later. Since then, we’ve been preparing a legal case to try to stop donkey use in the bullfights later this year.


To help us in our campaign, we have produced a petition letter and we hope you will join our efforts. All you need to do is log onto:

Click on the bullfighting campaign page to copy the letter:

With many thanks for your help,
Dawn Vincent – Public Relations Officer – The Donkey Sanctuary
T: 01395 573097; M: 07970 927778 (inc. evenings & weekends)

PS. Our charity provides refuge to donkeys in the UK, Ireland and other parts of Europe and we help working donkeys in Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Kenya and Mexico.


9. Slaughter Of Egypt’s Abandoned Animals

REPLY DIRECTLY TO: Forwarded By: Linda Furness, linda.furness1 [at]

Original Message: SPARE, spare [at]
Mona Khalil, Secretary General Society, Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE)
monaspare [at] *


Kinship Circle - 2007-06-20 - Digest - 02 - Egyt

This female dog was shot in Egypt today at 1:15 in the afternoon. Her agony lasted for 15 minutes, because it is only one bullet for each dog (to save money). This dog was pregnant.

We ask you to do something, to write to your embassies in Egypt and to take action. We are doing what we can but we need help. This is one of the 77 pictures we took today, many other dogs were massacred today… Amina Abaza, SPARE president,


Egypt: SPARE calls for urgent help for dogs




Embassies and Government
egyptemb [at], Egypt-Embassy [at],nfo [at], etembuk [at], embegypt [at], mexemb [at], ssy.egypt [at], info [at], Egypt [at], feedback [at], info [at]

Mass Media
editor [at], weeklyweb [at], ahramdaily [at], akhbarelyom [at], contact [at] editor [at], weeklyweb [at]

Egypt Cabinet of Ministers

Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed Nazif
Magles El Shaab St., Kasr El Aini St.Cairo
PH: 202-7958014/35/36; FAX: 202-7356449 – 7958016
EMAIL: primemin [at]

Minister of Agricutlure Mr. Amin Abaza
email: drfadia [at]

Ministry of Tourism
Minister Mr. Mohamed Zohair Mohamed Wahid Garana
32 Ramsis St. El Abassia Square
PH: 6828435; FAX: 6859463
EMAIL: Mot [at]

Foreign Affairs
Minister Mr. Ahmed Ali Ahmed Abou Elgheit
Masbero-Kornish El Nile St. –Cairo
PH: 5746862-5746861; FAX: 5747839
EMAIL: minexter [at]

Ministry of Culture
Minister Mr. Farouk Abd El-Aziz Housny
Kit Kat, infront of Khaled Ibn El-Waleed Mosque, Cairo
PH: 7486957 – 7485065 – 3476092; FAX: 3461417
EMAIL: mculture [at]

Ministry of Health and Population
Minister Dr. Hatem Mostafa Mostafa El-Gabaly
3 Magles El Shaab St., Kasr El Aini St.Cairo
PH: 7951821 / 7941507; FAX: 7953966
EMAIL: moh [at]

Ministry of Interior affairs
Minister General Habib Ibrahim Habib El Adly
El Sheikh Rihan St.Cairo, Ministry of Interior affairs,
postal code: 11641
PH: 7959111; FAX: 7960682
EMAIL: center [at]

Ministry of State for Environment Affairs
Minister Eng. Maged George Elias Ghattas
30 Misr/Helwan Agriculture Road-Cairo
PH: 5256452; FAX: 5256490
EMAIL: eeaa [at]

SAMPLE LETTER FROM: Zelda Penzel, zpenzel [at]

Subject: Killings in Egypt

Please note: I have been alerted to this matter because of my interest in advocating for justice and the humane treatment of animals. As a result, this may be one of many like letters you will receive. However, it expresses my own views on this issue and is signed by me as an individual. I hope you will consider it as such.

Honorable Officials, Ladies, Gentlemen,

I am disgusted and outraged by the death and devastation surrounding the nationwide slaughter of Egypt’s abandoned animals. I appeal to your collective sense of humanity and decency to terminate this disgraceful brutality carried out by municipal officials, police and even citizens of your nation.

Egypt has turned a deaf ear to the cries of inhumanity for too long. Until Egypt brings visible evidence to the world community of a vigorous campaign to alleviate the suffering of all animals and seeks professional assistance to humanely remedy the gross overpopulation, neglect and brutal cruelty issues, you can be assured that my tourist money will be spent and appreciated in more animal friendly and civilized venues.

I will publicize the dreadful photographic evidence extensively and vigorously discourage tourism to your country. Perhaps a fiscal decrease in Egypt’s bottom line” will awaken her instinctive sense of humanity.

Name, City/Country



* Public Seeks Felony Charges for Heinous Act of Skinning Dog Alive

* Save Tigers: Urge China to Maintain Ban on Trade in Tiger Parts

* Rowan County: Tell Judge To Help Us. Dogs Suffering.

* ACTION: Five Dogs Dead on Their Chains in Georgia

* PETITION: 5 Dogs Found Dead on Their Chains


* Petition To Ban The Auction Of Exotic Birds And Animals

* Take the pledge to stop puppy mills!

* Help End Bullfighting!

* Tell Bush/Cheney Administration: Stop Offshore Oil Drilling!

* Whistleblower Exposes Cruel Cat Experiments at UC Denver



* Help Rescue Caged Moon Bears. Petition To Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean Governments

* Help Stop Sea turtle Trade On Island of Bali, Indonesia

* Petition to support the Animal Police Law in Romania – Project B486/08-05-2007


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Kinship Circle – Action Campaigns I Literature I Voice For Animals
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1. Kinship Circle Primary: subscribe [at]
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2. Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Relief: kinshipcircle [at]
Animal rescue coordination/news in disasters + companion animal alerts


*DISCLAIMER: The information in these alerts is verified with the original source. Kinship Circle does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information or for the consequences of its use. Nothing in this email is intended to encourage illegal action in whatever country you are reading it in. Kinship Circle does not engage in, nor support, any form of harassment or unlawful activity. Nothing in this alert serves to promote such conduct.

*Kinship Circle cannot guarantee the validity of email addresses. During a campaign, recipients may change or disable their email addresses.



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