PETA: Boycott Australian Wool

June 30th, 2007 12:01 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:

Boycott Australian Wool Until Lamb Mutilations and Cruel Live Exports End

Currently exploiting more than 100 million miserable sheep, Australia produces 30 percent of all wool used worldwide. Holdings consist of thousands of sheep, making individual attention to their needs and even to medical emergencies impossible. The Australian wool industry abuses sheep in two particularly horrific ways.

First, the industry mutilates millions of lambs each year by cutting chunks of flesh from their backsides with a pair of shears—so far without any pain relief—in a practice known as “mulesing,” even though humane alternatives are available. Then, when sheep are no longer useful to the wool industry, they are herded by the thousands onto death ships and transported thousands of miles through scorching heat and freezing cold to have their throats slit in filthy, open-air markets and barbaric slaughterhouses while they are still conscious.

Details of PETA’s investigation into the cruel live-export industry can be found here.

PETA is calling on consumers to check labels on sweaters before buying them and, if they’re made out of merino wool or made in Australia, to leave them on the racks.

To get your hands on the latest cruelty-free fashions, check out the PETA Mall or our cruelty-free clothing shopping guide.

Boycott Australian wool until the cruel practices of mulesing and live exports are stopped. Use the form [here] to send a letter to the prime minister of Australia asking for a permanent ban on the cruel practices of mulesing and live exports!

Course, there’s no need to be buying wool anyway, but whatevs. I guess it’s not much of a boycott if you admit that you wouldn’t buy animal products no matter what…



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