The Sierra Club: Protect Clean Water!

July 3rd, 2007 9:03 pm by mad mags

Via The Sierra Club:

Protect Clean Water alf hörspiele kostenlosen!

Small streams and wetlands help maintain and protect drinking water supplies, as well as provide critical flood water storage. In addition, they are important for wildlife breeding grounds and habitat lustige videoclips kostenlos downloaden. A June 2006 Supreme Court ruling has placed many of these waters in jeopardy of losing Clean Water Act safeguards.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the US Army Corps of Engineers recently issued “guidance” that further muddies the waters and confuses the issue even more as to which waters are covered under the Clean Water Act apple health herunterladen.

Ask your Representative help clarify its intent and live up to its responsibility to ensure that all communities have safe and healthy waters by passing The Clean Water Restoration Act herunterladen!

By the by, you can read this week’s edition of Club Currents here fallout 76 downloaden.



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