DawnWatch: USA Today and LA Times Patt Morrison on spay-neuter 7/5/07

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Today, Thursday July 5, two huge papers include articles on the importance of spay-neuter. USA Today, the most widely circulated paper in the US, has an article on spay-neuter subsidy programs. And the Los Angeles Times has a column by Patt Morrison, in support of California’s Healthy Pets Act, AB 1634 wo kann man kinofilme downloaden.

The USA Today article, by Sharon L. Peters, is headed “The fix is in for pet control; Subsidy programs help nip the problem of unwanted animals.” (Pg 5d)

Peters writes:

“While California is in the spotlight for controversial mandatory-pet-sterilization legislation under discussion there, the rest of the country is hearing an insistent message that, although far short of compulsory sterilization, encourages and facilitates spay/neuters.

She tells us:

“The simple math, experts say, is that far more animals are being born every year than can be placed.

“Despite successful campaigns to persuade prospective owners to adopt shelter pets, about 7 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every year, and there’s no evidence that adoptions will increase enough to close the gap, experts say.”

She writes that finally, kill numbers “are being broadcast and push to spay or neuter is accelerating.”

Her article focuses on low-cost and free spay-neuter clinics klingeltöne von zedge herunterladen.

You’ll find the article on line at:

Please send supportive letters. USA Today needs to see that this topic is important to readers. Also, your letters keep the topic alive longer in the paper. USA Today takes letters at http://tinyurl.com/cee7y windows 10 herunterladen firefox.

Patt Morrison’s Los Angeles Times column is headed, “A law for bad humans; Don’t listen to the naysayers — the spay and neuter bill in Sacramento is worth passing.” (Pg A 17)

She writes that “not every Californian is callous to animals. But enough of you are that half a million unwanted, homeless cats and dogs get put to death by California’s city and county shelters every year. Just about one life every minute.”

She discusses the dogs she has rescued and writes,

“I’m tired of cleaning up after you. California is tired too; its cities and counties have no room or money to keep all the homeless kittens and puppies, all the old dogs and cats you allow to overbreed or leave out on the street like an old refrigerator. And so they have to kill them.

“Who cares? You should. You, the California taxpayer, shell out a quarter of a billion dollars a year for this.

“And because you won’t tidy up your messes, other people have to do it for you. Like Lloyd Levine, the Van Nuys Democratic assemblyman whose proposed California Healthy Pets Act could save millions of dollars and thousands of creatures.

“The bill requires California dogs and cats 6 months and older to be spayed or neutered. If you get caught with ‘unfixed’ animals, the $500 fine can be refunded once you do the right thing; the fine comes with a guide to cheap spaying and neutering. If you want to breed your pet, you can buy a permit that allows one litter a year.

“The objections to Levine’s bill run from the selfish to the ridiculous.

“The American Kennel Club has threatened to pull its annual Long Beach dog show over this, even though purebred show animals and licensed breeders’ animals would be exempt from the law, as are police dogs, rescue dogs and therapy and guide dogs.”

Morrison stresses that the only “business” the bill interferes with is underground animal breeding — backyard puppy mills. And she makes the point that while she supports our freedom to ruin our own lives, taxpayers and animals shouldn’t have to pay for our mistakes. She writes, “When thousands of them have to die for humans’ irresponsible choices, playtime’s over.”

She also expresses annoyance with animal lobbies who have not supported the bill because “it’s either too much or not enough.”
She writes, “But you don’t kill a good bill because it isn’t a perfect bill.”

You’ll find her whole column on line at:

Please keep the issue on the Los Angeles Times editorial page and demonstrate reader interest in animal issues with letters to letters [at] latimes.com.

Always include your full name, address, and daytime phone number when sending a letter to the editor. Remember that shorter letters are more likely to be published.

You can also encourage Patt Morrison’s coverage of animal issues with an appreciative note to patt.morrison [at] latimes.com.

Learn more about the Healthy Pets Act and what you (Californians in particular) can do to help at http://www.cahealthypets.com/home.htm.

Yours and the animals’,
Karen Dawn

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