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July 11th, 2007 8:22 pm by mad mags

I meant to announce this a looooong time ago, but managed to procrastinate for what must be a record seven months. Anyway, I started bookmarking news items with delicious back in January, and have grown so fond of it that I’ve also taken to tagging veg*n/AR/enviro newsletters that I find interesting, but not interesting enough to write a whole post on ’em movies youtube legal. (Unless it’s got an action alert or an especially outrageous news story, there’s just not enough time in the day, am I right?)

So, while I used to announce new newsletters via individual blog posts, now I plan on tagging them with delicious instead herunterladen. What this means for you is that, if you want to know when new issues of UPC’s Poultry Press, COK’s Compassionate Action, or AHA’s Humane Review are available, you’ll either need to join their mailing lists or check out my delicious account on a semi-regular basis formel 1 spiele kostenlos downloaden. (Newsletters are conveniently tagged with the keyword “newsletter” – hint, hint.)

If you’re interested, there are two ways of keeping current with my delicious bookmarks allplan herunterladen. Firstly, of course, you can just visit my account here: And if you’re kinda sorta forgetful like me, there’s even an RSS feed: mods downloaden steam. Yay!

You can also check the newest entries right here, without clicking away from my lovely pawprinted site design: auto games downloaden. (It updates every time the page is refreshed, and displays – I think – the 25 most recent items. I forget, and am not about to go count.)

The “virtual library” primarily houses two feeds: my latest delicious bookmarks, as well as a random selection of books from my LibraryThing account herunterladen. Though this by no means represents my entire library (or even a fraction of it!), I started with all my animal rights/animal welfare/animal behavior/environmental books, just for you guys warzone auf pc herunterladen. That’s gotta warm the cockles, right? Again, there are some handy-dandy RSS feeds for the absent-minded or just-plain-curious: a feed for newly-added books; another for new reviews of said books, written by yours truly; and a feed for reviews written by any Library Thing user of books that this Library Thing user owns Hill climb racing free. Got all that?

If not, some interpages for your perusal:

delicious Help

About Library Thing

2002-06-30 - KCTrip-Day08-01-010 [Manga Cartoon]

Geek is love itunes store herunterladen. Join us, won’t you?



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  1. » Blog Archive » ADMIN: easyVegan and the Summer of Adult Responsibilities Says:

    […] So what does this mean for easyVegan the blog? Well, I’ll continue to bring you all the rage-inducing action alerts of days past, but rather than create a separate, detailed post for each issue, methinks I’ll post a “link roundup” every day or two instead. This near-daily link dump will consist of (links to) animal rights/welfare and enviro action alerts, petitions, newsletters, carnivals, press releases, and campaign updates (etc., etc.) that have already been published on the internets. I will, however, continue to reprint emails that have not otherwise been reprinted online (the Friday Farm Sanctuary newsletter comes to mind). (And of course, news items via delicious!) […]

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