RAN: Thank Ford for finally plugging in and ask them to shift into high gear!

July 12th, 2007 8:04 pm by Kelly Garbato

Via Rainforest Action Network:

Thank Ford for finally plugging in and ask them to shift into high gear!

This week, Ford launched a partnership with Southern California Edison to build and test the first generation of road-ready, consumer-class plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrids could very well be the key to breaking America’s destructive oil addiction by giving consumers a viable alternative to the gas-guzzling cars and trucks currently clogging our roads and polluting our atmosphere.

Until now, automakers have refused to build hybrid cars with a plug, and so if consumers want a plug-in hybrid, they have to buy a regular hybrid and THEN go through the expensive process of having another company convert their hybrid to a plug-in. We applaud Ford’s for stepping ahead of Toyota and GM and actually putting PHEVs on the road.

While you can’t yet walk into your local Ford dealership and buy a plug-in, we are encouraged by what appears to be a sincere effort by Ford and Southern California Edison to chip away at the auto industry’s longstanding relationship with Big Oil.

Let’s get as many people as possible to thank Ford and let them know that the public is clamouring to see plug-in hybrid cars be made available to consumers.



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