ADMIN: easyVegan and the Summer of Adult Responsibilities

July 21st, 2007 2:01 pm by mad mags

2007-07-15 - Jayne & Peedee - 0003 [cropped]

Jayne’s gone swimming

Between the new house (renovations on which are slowly starting to wrap up), the impending move across town, and the new workload I’m trying to take on to pay for it all, spare time for blogging has been tight iphone bilder herunterladen windows 7. So, for the time being, easyVegan will be on a semi-vacation. Not that your trusty blogger will be getting much rest. No siree. I’ll just be sacrificing my metacarpals to my corporate overlords rather than the greater good, at least for the foreseeable future animierte weihnachtsgrüße kostenlos downloaden. Sigh.

So what does this mean for easyVegan the blog? Well, I’ll continue to bring you all the rage-inducing action alerts of days past, but rather than create a separate, detailed post for each issue, methinks I’ll post a “link roundup” every day or two instead oude windows movie maker gratis downloaden. This near-daily link dump will consist of (links to) animal rights/welfare and enviro action alerts, petitions, newsletters, carnivals, press releases, and campaign updates (etc., etc.) that have already been published on the internets herunterladen. I will, however, continue to reprint emails that have not otherwise been reprinted online (the Friday Farm Sanctuary newsletter comes to mind) telegram mac. (And of course, news items via delicious!)

I expect the new setup to continue until at least October, though I have a sneaking suspicion that I just might like it enough to stick with it fur-ever kann nichtsen. Hopefully, once I’m all snuggled into the new digs, I can use my free time to write some original content as opposed to re-editing, re-formatting, and re-gurgitating everyone else’s stuff free e-mail. That’s the plan, anyway.

Questions? Comments? Points of discussion?

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