LCA: Dealing Dogs Nominated for Emmy & PSPA moves forward!

August 5th, 2007 10:16 am by mad mags

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Date: Aug 3, 2007 6:20 PM
Subject: Dealing Dogs Nominated for Emmy & PSPA moves forward kann man gta 5 kostenlosen!

Great news for the animals! The Pet Safety and Protection Act passed the House of Representatives, “Dealing Dogs” has been nominated for two Emmy Awards and HBO is re-airing “Dealing Dogs” – keep reading for all the details partizip two of!

You made the difference! Thanks to your phone calls and faxes, the House of Representatives accepted the Pet Safety and Protection Act (aka “Buck’s Bill”) as an amendment to the Farm Bill, which prevents companion animals from being sold into research herunterladen! More good news is the amendment also bars the use of live animals in medical device sales demonstrations and increases fines for violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act the sims 2 pc free download.

This is a major step forward for “Buck’s Bill” (shown in photo, rescued from Martin Creek Kennels) and for companion animals across the country vergangenheitsform downloaden. But this fight is not over! We will keep you updated on its progress and how you can help push “Buck’s Bill” to victory.

“Dealing Dogs” Nominated for Two Emmy Awards which meansing to disk!

“Dealing Dogs,” HBO’s Genesis Award winning documentary about LCA’s undercover investigation into pet theft, has been nominated for two Emmy Awards – Best Cable Documentary and Best Investigative Documentary minecraft pocket edition free download for mobile. This is a great opportunity for a whole new audience to learn from “Dealing Dogs” and to get involved google play store wachten op downloaden.

“Dealing Dogs” is Airing on HBO through August

HBO is airing “Dealing Dogs” through the month of August. If you haven’t seen this incredible documentary, don’t miss this chance!

You can also purchase the DVD through LCA.

Check out HBO’s schedule here.

LCA’s Special Investigations Unit successful undercover operations are expensive and very time consuming.

Your generous support provides the stable funding successful investigations rely on to be able to move fast whenever LCA is called upon to investigate, expose, and bring to justice those who torture and kill animals.

Click here to make a donation today! Thank you!

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  1. Kim Heiman Says:

    Hello…..I just saw the film on HBO….I had to force myself to watch it…..I’m very pleased to see all the work that you all have done….It takes alot of guts and passion to do what you’ve done….Alot of us wish to help but never do anything about it….I cried when I saw the film…I think alot of people turn a blind eye to it all….That goes with all animals….If they don’t see it it’s not real…..Thank you for doing all that you all have done….maybe some day there will be an end to animal abuse….You’ve been very enspiring…thank you….Kim….

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