Kinship Circle: [RELIEF GLOBAL] Flooded NY Shelter/ TX-KS Updates/ Left Behind In War Zone…

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Subject: [RELIEF GLOBAL] Flooded NY Shelter/ TX-KS Updates/ Left Behind In War Zone…


8/12/07: Flooded NY Shelter * TX-KS Updates * Left Behind In War Zone + MORE



1. Animals In Flooded NY Center Need Foster/Adopt Homes
2. Strong Winds Cause Extensive Damage in Brooklyn
3. Texas Flood Update
4. Left Behind… In Beirut War Zone
5. 63 Kittens Used As Dogfighting Bait Dumped At Shelter
6. EARS Report: Kansas Floods & Tornadoes


1. Animals In Flooded NY Center Need Foster/Adopt Homes



Animal Center of Queens * 89-10 Eliot Ave. * Rego Park, N.Y. 11374
(Off Queens Blvd. near the Queens Center Mall)
ph: 718-424-3340; 718-424-3030 * Everyday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Dogs, cats and kittens are available for adoption. For more information, contact Boris at 718-424-3340, cell: 917 623 8853; borisbowwow [at]

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 01 - NYC Flood Kittens

Reply to: comm-392256684 [at]
8/8/07 — Due to the heavy downpours the center was severely flooded from the street, roof and wall from the adjoining building and has suffered structural damage. Emergency housing is needed for the CATS and DOGS.

Please contact Boris at 718-424-3340 if you can help. There are about 10 dogs and 15 cats/kittens needing foster homes or if someone can donate a basement, building space, etc. until damage is reviewed and repairs made.


Reply to: comm-393746882 [at]

8/10/07 — Emergency: 10 dogs/15 cats need HELP/shelter was flooded herunterladen. Please do not hit “reply.” I have no further info. CONTACT BORIS: 718-424-3340, cell: 917-623-8853 — if you can foster a cat or a dog.



Reply to: comm-392969318 [at]

8/9/07 — The shelter roof had collapsed due to the heavy rain yesterday. There are 5 cats and 11 kittens that need homes immediately (free). There are also 4 dogs that need homes too.

If interested in adopting or fostering any of these animals, please either stop by 89-10 Elliott Ave (across of Queens Center Mall along the exit of the LIE) or call Boris at 718-424-3340. Thank you.


2. Strong Winds Cause Extensive Damage in Brooklyn

SOURCE: here


8/8/07, By Sewell Chan — Heavy winds toppled power lines, uprooted trees and damaged about 40 buildings in a wide swath of southwestern Brooklyn early this morning, particularly in Sunset Park and Bay Ridge…

The winds were part of a tumultuous weather pattern that included what Mayor Bloomberg called a trio of events that also included torrential thunderstorms, which crippled the subways and caused flooding in neighborhoods like Maspeth and Jamaica, both in Queens, and scorching heat — highs in the 90s and a heat index that could reach 104 degrees — that was expected to smother the city this afternoon…

At the news conference, the mayor described extensive damage he had personally seen: a Nissan dealership in Bay Ridge where part of the roof had been ripped off; a missing roof and sheared-off siding at the Bay Ridge Baptist Church; and a broken front window at the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church. The damage appeared to be the most severe on 68th and 69th Streets between Third and Fourth Avenues.

In Leif Ericson Park, which straddles Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, an estimated 40 percent of the trees were toppled. Trees were felled in scattered parts of Queens and Staten Island. In Flatbush, near Beverly Road, trees were damaged all along Stratford Road, which is lined with old Victorian homes.

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, three feeders in Consolidated Edison’s underground electrical network were down. (Con Edison later urged residents and businesses in several Brooklyn neighborhoods to conserve power.)

The storm elicited enormous response from the city… The American Red Cross set up a temporary shelter at 59th Street and Sixth Avenue in Sunset Park, and around 50 people had arrived there by the early afternoon…



3. Texas Flood Update

SOURCE: Kat5 Animal Rescue, kat5animalrescue [at]

7/6/07, by Susan Meyer: Executive Director, KAT 5 Animal Rescue — The outpouring of help for pets displaced by the recent North Texas flooding has made a difference for animals in Haltom City, Texas. Help is still needed.

“Several of these animals were rescued and no one knew who their owners were. Shelter staff went door to door to notify residents that we had animals rescued from the flood evernote app. By the end of 30 days there were still animals who’d not been claimed so we began efforts to find them new homes”, said Sgt Jean Rowell, Interim Supervisor of Haltom City Animal Control.

There is a happy ending for the dog who suffered burns when a trailer blew up due to underwater gas pipes after the flood. “This dog was in a trailer that was on fire and blew up with the mother and son inside. The people suffered burns over their entire bodies and were in Baylor Hospital of Dallas. The family thought the dog surely burned to death but the collar the dog was wearing with 4 leaf clovers on it must have brought it luck because it was blown out of the trailer and was found floating down the river and rescued by a citizen who brought it to the shelter. The dog was returned to the grandmother and was very happy to return home despite the singed hair”.

Sgt Jean Rowell of Haltom City Animal Control currently has 20 animals in her home due to the overcrowding at the shelter since the flood. “The Mama cat that I call ‘Flood Mama’ has been a surrogate mother to three different litters so far. Two of the kittens were dropped off with umbilical cords still attached. I call her ‘Flood Mama” because if I really name them, it is too hard to let them go. I took the kittens home because they are so young and their immune systems are not at full capacity. Without inoculations, they will succumb to infections in the shelter and sadly be put down. I could not bear for that to happen.

We still need homes for Momma Cat and her kittens. If anyone is interested in helping to pay for shots, medication or spay/neuter a fund has been set up for us to work in conjunction with Haltom City Animal Hospital wie kann ich von facebook videos herunterladen. The fund is for spay/neuter and to give the Haltom City animals life-saving shots.

“The overpopulation problem can be fixed. Please responsibly spay or neuter your pets so animals are not put down for nonfatal diseases like worms and respiratory infections. There aren’t enough resources, homes, funding or staff for medical care. It’s a vicious cycle. Animal control personnel are devastated when they need to euthanize. It’s preventable”, said Sgt Rowell.

How You Can Help:

1. ADOPT: Contact for adoptions or to volunteer to socialize the animals:
jrowell [at]

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 02 - Texas Flood Kittens

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 03 - Texas Flood Mama

LT. PHOTO: Flood Kittens * RT. PHOTO: Flood Mama

– Puppy chow
– Cat litter
– Kitten food

Haltom City Animal Control
5312 Midway * Haltom City, TX 76117

A medical fund has been set up for the life-saving inoculations, spay/neuter and other medical care for the Haltom City animals. Please put “Haltom City” In the memo section. Follow this link — and click orange “DONATE” button.

or if you have trouble viewing the badge, please try: [click here]

*KAT 5 is competing to win a matching grant. The non-profits with the top 6 charity badges will get a matching grant of up to $10,000 for their charity from Hanes. (The winning badges are calculated by the number of donations, not the amount). If KAT 5 wins the matching grant, we will match all donations made to the Haltom City animals. The charity badge contest ends September 16th at 11:59 p.m herunterladen. ET.*

Haltom City is grateful to North Richland Hills, Watauga and the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) for assisting in removing the animals from the flood area. Haltom City would also like to thank: KAT 5 Animal Rescue, North Richland Hills Animal Services, Susan Thomas of Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. Lori & Mark Birdsong of Furry Friendzy Animal Rescue & Wild Life Rehabilitation, Pam Quagliani for transporting supplies, Austin/Travis County Pet Food Bank, House Rabbit Resource Network (Austin, TX), North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary (Dallas-Ft.Worth, TX) ,Kool Kats & Paw Pals.

A special thank you to all who donated money for the Texas animals affected by the flooding. All of your donations went towards boarding and supplies for the animals in North Texas. A Mama cat came in after the flood who went into labor and then a week she began having contractions again. She needed emergency surgery to remove the deceased kitten and to get a hysterectomy. The total cost of the surgery was $330. Her life was saved thanks to your generous donations.

“Thank you again to all those who assisted or offered assistance to help our little friends. It means a great deal to us as well as them. Everyone has been so awesome through all of this. It is great to see so many agencies work together!” Sgt Rowell said.


4. Left Behind… In Beirut War Zone

SOURCE: BETA Team, listmaster [at]


• Animals – War’s Unseen Collateral Damage
At the onset of conflict in Lebanon, citizens and foreigners fled. Canadian, British and American evacuation protocols banned companion animals. In the chaos, evacuees released animals into the streets or confined them in buildings lato herunterladen. BETA believes thousands of companion animals were discarded…

For BETA’s small volunteer staff, constant uprisings afford little respite from bloodshed… On June 4, car bombs and hand grenades discharged next to BETA’s cat facility in the Ashrafieh neighborhood… In this volatile setting, people “go nuts and shoot animals right and left or poison them,” Hesayne says. “We see puppies whose heads were banged against sidewalks or tied in electrical wire. If a dog barks, they just shoot the dog.”

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 04 - BETA - Nick

Nick was abandoned next to BETA’s cat shelter.

He was discovered by BETA members after he was hit and had to be operated on. He is now doing much better, has been castrated and loves human company. We believe his owners couldn’t handle him at the time of mating season and preferred to just get rid of him instead of doing the right thing…

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 05 - BETA - Puppies

A carton box was found in front of the shelter door. Opening the box revealed three little puppies. We believe the owners thought it would be too much to take care of puppies…

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 06 - BETA - Blacky

Blacky was dropped off at the shelter by his own owner. Apparently the owner didn’t want him anymore because he suffered from some old age symptoms: leg injury and eye problems… Blacky passed away under our care, although we tried our best to give him all the love he needed, he was too depressed to go on.

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 07 - BETA - Tia

Tia was left in front of our shelter door in a red garbage bin that has been taped all over leaving only three slits for her to breathe! She had to stay there all day, in the dark small bin waiting until one of BETA’s members made her daily visit to the shelter… She has been castrated and is now with the other cats at the shelter but would prefer human company…

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 08 - BETA - Poor Max

Recently Max’s owner left the country and left Max behind herunterladen! When BETA went to check on Max…his tumor had grown so large and heavy that Max couldn’t keep his head straight. As an operation couldn’t be done and his pain was unbearable, Max was put to sleep and he was surrounded by affection. We later heard that Max used to go where his owner works, wait for him, then go back home and wait there as well! No matter how cruel the owner is, the dog is always loyal…

All this, the result of inconsiderate people! Those who compare an animal to an object, when in fact it is a living being that has a soul, a personality, an attitude, can love, can be loved, can suffer depression and a lot more…

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 09 - BETA - Humane education

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 10 - BETA - Humane education

Yet, we are not giving up; BETA is trying to increase people’s awareness of this issue. To show people what having a pet is really about. BETA already started with the younger age groups through school visits and presentations and BETA is planning to continue. We go on with the hope of some change, however small it will be.

Please help us continue help them with your DONATION:

If you would like to ADOPT any dog or cat from BETA, please inform us or fill up the adoption form at:

If you are able to HELP in any way contact us: animals [at]

• 6/4/07: No Ceasefire For Animals (& Rescuers) In Lebanon
• 2/1/07: Diary Of An American Animal Rescuer In War-Torn Lebanon
• 8/17/06: Please Help: Innocent Faces Of War
• 7/29/06: [MIDDLE EAST] Panic From The Blast Of Rockets
• 7/22/06: [LEBANON] Same Eyes, Same Fear
• 7/17/06: [MIDDLE EAST] More Forgotten Victims


5. 63 Kittens Used As Dogfighting Bait Dumped At Shelter


8/9/07, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS — Some 63 kittens, stuffed in three boxes and beset with fleas, were dropped on a suburban animal shelter’s doorstep, officials said.

People training dogs to fight may have used the young cats for bait and then abandoned them out of nervousness about attention to a recent dog fighting case, Mount Vernon Animal Shelter manager Sean D’Aliose said. He said kittens are sometimes used to entice dogs to fight because the small cats are unlikely to hurt strike back and hurt the dogs.

The kittens, which range in age and breed, were found late Tuesday cad autocad kostenlos download. Shelter Director Paula Young said some were already available for adoption, and the rest would be once they were medically ready, which could take up to a week.

Pet Adoption League of Westchester President Jeannie Johnson said she initially worried that it might be “almost impossible” to find homes for so many kittens. She and her family were keeping a few, and some others were at the shelter, but Young had most of them at her home.

The city is offering a $5,000 reward for information about dog fighting rings, after an abandoned, critically hurt pit bull was found last week. Authorities believe his injuries stemmed from dog fighting.


Pet Adoption League of Westchester
The Pet Adoption League (PAL) is an all-volunteer group that assists a small local City Animal Shelter in lower Westchester County, New York.

FOR CATS, CALL: 914-699-3249
OR EMAIL: pets [at]
Whether you call or email, please leave a phone number where you can be reached in the evening.


6. EARS Report: Kansas Floods & Tornadoes


Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 11 - Coffeyville, KS

EARS Ohio State Coordinator Bonnie Morrison hard at work in Coffeyville. Photo courtesy HSUS.

UAN Assisting Victims of Coffeyville, Kansas, Flood

EDITED FOR LENGTH. Read Entire Story:

On July 20, United Animal Nations (UAN) deployed several volunteers with its Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) to Coffeyville, Kansas to help The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) care for more than 80 pets who were displaced by a flood on June 30.

The flood displaced more than 3,000 residents of this small community. Though the floodwaters have receded, many people are still unable to return home because their houses were contaminated with oil when a nearby refinery was damaged in the flood ich kann keine bilder mehren.

EARS volunteers and HSUS personnel are caring for dogs, cats and even a fish at a temporary animal shelter located in a school gym, just down the street from a Red Cross shelter where many evacuees are living… UAN and HSUS are two of nine members of the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition.

EARS volunteers return home after three-week deployment in Kansas

EDITED FOR LENGTH. Read entire story:

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 12 - Coffeyville, KS

Diann Rogers thought her cat Bebe was lost forever, until a fateful conversation at a local laundromat. Photo courtesy Kelly Glasscock

After spending more than three weeks helping a shelter in Pratt, Kansas, that was overwhelmed by animal victims of a May 4 tornado in nearby Greensburg, United Animal Nations sent its last Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) volunteers home on June 18.

On May 25 United Animal Nations began deploying EARS volunteers to help staff from the State of Kansas Animal Health Department care for an influx of tornado victims that had overwhelmed the Pratt County Humane Society… In addition to feeding, walking and caring for the dogs and cats, EARS volunteers also trapped cats who were still living amid the tornado debris in Greensburg and worked to reunite pets with their families.

David and Diann Rogers were two lucky pet owners who reunited with their cat, Bebe, at the Pratt shelter — just days after the EARS cat trapping team found her and brought her to safety…

The 110 tornado victims who were not yet reclaimed by their owners were moved to a veterinary clinic in Pratt, where they will remain under the care of the State of Kansas Animal Health Department until July 15. After that, the animals will be available for adoption. Read more here:

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-12 - 13 - Coffeyville, KS

Forty-four EARS volunteers cared for more than 100 tornado victims and dozens of other animals at the Pratt County Humane Society. Photo courtesy Kelly Glasscock.

Visit to get free disaster planning tips and to purchase pet emergency kit items from the UAN Store.

* 7/4/07: Floods, Fires Animals – TX, KS, OK, CA
* 6/3/07: Kansas: Animal Tornado Victims Still Need Aid


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Kinship Circle - Factsheet - Animals - War's Collateral Damage


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