Happy Birthday, SweetPeedee Monster!

August 30th, 2007 8:47 am by Kelly Garbato

Even though Shane wrote this poem to our “second-born” (adopted, really…he’s only the third-oldest, after Ralphie and Kaylee) months ago, today seems a fitting day to crosspost it here. Our little baby turns five (!) today! Seems like only yesterday, he was a wee little pup, peeing on my doormat at 2 in the morning, while I struggled frantically to get my shoes on and let him and his untrained bladder outside. Sigh. Them were the days.

Happy birthday, Mr. Peedee.


2004-01-11 - PeedeeTable2-009

Peedee is bright eyed and full of bark
Just looking at him you know he’s smart
Opening doors to get at his treat
He knows a hundred words on when to eat

He runs as fast as the wind goes
Stops and checks the air with his nose
He knows things are about to go down
His mind sparks and covers all ground

He looks at other dogs and scoffs
Only he knows the toys and payoffs
He can see where he last left them
And if someone moves them, mayhem

He jumps to the window at the slightest sound
Looking for any living creature around
Sometimes it’s kids, sometimes it’s a bunny
To Peedee, trespassers aren’t funny

He checks out every window knowing each view
He’ll double check each one before he’s through
His bark and howl, bring all dogs to his spot
He’s in command of the canine onslaught

Cunning he leaves the dogs behind
He has his mother to search and find
Hopping onto her lap, he curls into a ball
Once again, he outsmarted them all

– Shane Brady, June 18, 2007


2006-05-13 - DogsOutside0042

2004-12-14 - Peedee-003

2007-06-25 - Morning Playtime - 0023 [Pop Art Peedee 2]

2003-09-10 - Peedee&Horses-03

2006-09-25 - Dogs-0098


2004-01-11 - PeedeeBarn-022

2003-04-09 - KellyRalphiePeedee-0003

Oh, ya…and a happy birthday to my not-so-little sis, too. She turns an elderly 24 today.



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