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September 2nd, 2007 4:27 pm by Kelly Garbato

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9/1/07: Two Years And Still Counting…



1. ARNO: Two Years And Still Helping Animals
2. Pet Evac. Exercise/Humane Training
3. A Time Line In Photos Of Katrina Pet Rescue
4. Last Chance To Help KAT 5 Win A $10,000 Grant
5. Lawyer’s Perspective On Katrina Pet Adopters
6. The Pets of Hurricane Katrina – Then & Now…
7. UPDATE: Coys Charged With 12 Counts Of Animal Cruelty
8. Watch This!
9. Michael Vick Did NOT Adopt 14 Katrina Pit Bulls


1. ARNO: Two Years And Still Helping Animals

SOURCE: Charlotte Bass, table25 [at]

8/29/07, from Charlotte Bass — Those of use in New Orleans are “experiencing” the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina…with a visit from our President…along with senators, mayors, chaplains, and memorial services for the 1,800 officially tallied as victims of the storm. On Monday, August 29, 2005 the storm struck. But it’s true devastation emerged on Tuesday, August 30. Over 650 sq. miles became flooded rubble. After three weeks of pumping out water, the area transformed into a sludge-filled wasteland. Is there really any precedent to measure the speed of recovery/rebuilding from a disaster of this magnitude?

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 01 - ARNO - Arabella

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 02 - ARNO - Arabella

PHOTO: Arabella, rescued when injured and starving. Now healthy and accepted by Labs4Rescue in Connecticut for a loving home in the northeast.

With much gratitude… We have so many people to thank for their aid. You, the volunteers, have kept us resilient. But we need you now more than ever. Yes, we’re all very tired, but we continue. Our strength comes from each animal we reunite or place into a new loving home.

Recognition is due humane organizations and rescue groups all over the country who help ARNO place animals nationwide. In addition, some local organizations have been by our side to offer moral support if nothing else. There is not enough space to thank local volunteers, those who have become the ARNO “A” Team. I do not risk naming them for fear I would leave someone out. They have sacrificed their free time to clean cages, give meds, read fecals…and the list goes on.

Our hats are off to out-of-town volunteers who still come, thank God, and supplement the local volunteer force. We need them and depend on their “fire” to light the way. Special gratitude goes to Stealth and KART volunteers who continue to help us find original caretakers who cannot believe their pets are alive… You have never seen a more heartwarming event than the reunion of a pet with his/her previous caretaker. It is our adrenalin for the soul!

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 03 - ARNO - tabby

PHOTO: A 13-year-old St. Bernard Parish tabby — trapped at a food/water station. The owners were found living out of town and couldn’t believe their cat was still alive. The caretaker had waited on his roof with his cat and dog, refusing rescue until someone took them all. But the cat escaped on dry land while the man awaited his next evacuation transportation. The cat was found in the same place… still waiting for her beloved caretakers. She lived by feeding at a food/water station for two years. Happily they have all been reunited much to the humans’ disbelief!

The victims continue… Post-Katrina, many people have “found” ARNO and need our help — those indigent since the storm who require medical aid for their animals, or even just everyday care like de-worming, heartworm and flea preventative. We assist everyone with a goal to protect these animals from surrender to a shelter. For many Katrina survivors, their pets are the sole beacon of light in a life of disappointment, frustration and despair.

Of course there are animals still on the streets… They eat at ARNO’s food/water stations, though stations have been consolidated and eliminated as we engage residents to help feed/trap. Thousands still need us. We track hundreds of dogs on our list to eventually trap them. The moment an empty kennel is available, our trappers save someone we’ve fed and followed. ARNO trains locals to humanely trap. In exchange for their labor, we spay/neuter, inoculate, and treat animals for them at no cost. Ferals are sterilized, treated and released. Kittens are kept, rehabilitated (if feral), and placed in homes. Friendly adults (2+ years) are identified on a search list for their caretakers. Younger adults are treated and prepped for a new home. Precious babies, ALL of them.

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 04 - ARNO - Plaquemines Parish girl

PHOTO: This Plaquemines Parish girl was very sick and had to be housed in the intensive care unit at one of ARNO’s vets. We owe so much to our vets who work with us, not only giving us rescue prices, but giving us credit to allow us to continue. Please help us with donations for our medical bills.

Please don’t forget us… Two years and counting, WE NEED DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS BADLY. In July, ARNO broke the 3,200 mark of animals (from 3/06 – 7/06) cared for in our shelter: spay/neutered and treated for heartworm, parasites, upper respiratory diseases, urinary tract infections… Such care brings each animal to healthy status so he or she can find a new home. Last month alone, we incurred $50,000+ in veterinary bills. Nonetheless, ARNO remains committed to these animals. CAN YOU COMMIT TO HELP US?

Click on our PayPal link at top right
No donation is too small. Please help us carry on…and, let us know you still care about our work.

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 05 - ARNO - Sidney

PHOTO: Sidney reunited with his Bywater mom… An ARNO volunteer found Sidney — lost in early 2007 when frightened by a lightening storm — with a large tumor on his neck. We removed Sidney’s tumor. He was heartworm negative, so we knew he had a wonderful caretaker somewhere. We found his grateful mom through his microchip. Unemployed since Katrina, she’d just returned to work at Charity Hospital in the personnel department. She knew about the tumor, but had no money for veterinary care. For two years, she’s lived in a FEMA trailer parked outside her ruined home. Most of her time is spent gutting and cleaning her home on her own. Sidney’s mom is one of dozens we’ve helped who cannot afford care for their pet.

A retrospective video… Laura Bergerol, a Stealth and ARNO volunteer, has prepared a video for Katrina’s second anniversary. The video depicts ARNO volunteers, at work immediately after Katrina and now, as well as some wonderful reunion shots. This video not only shows ongoing animal aid in the Gulf Coast, but also commemorates ALL volunteers who gave so much of their lives to help our animals.

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 06 - ARNO

Photo contributions are from Laura Bergerol, Nancy Cleveland, Pam Leavy and Lise McComiskey. Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is a volunteer organization created and dedicated to the rescue and aid of abandoned and homeless animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi, including responding to the immediate needs of those animals in need of medical care, or who have been neglected, abused and deprived of love. ARNO promotes the foster, adoption, and reunion of pets with caretakers, as well as spaying/neutering of all companion animals. ARNO is an all-volunteer grassroots organization, under the sponsorship of the Humane Society of Louisiana’s nonprofit status until we receive our own nonprofit status. All donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows. For information on any topic email ar-no [at] or dial our rescue


2. Pet Evac. Exercise/Humane Training

SOURCE: Pam Leavy, tundraleap [at]

8/23/07, from Pam Leavy — Very informative training for anyone involved in animal disaster response…

American Humane’s Animal Emergency Services Volunteer Training
WHEN: Sept. 8 & 9 (Sat/Sun)
WHERE: Fire training bldg. in Jefferson Parish (I don’t have exact address yet. On the website, it shows Houma, but has been moved to Jefferson)
COST: A fee, but some groups get big discounts, including LSART members.

See link for more information:

Email me with questions: Pam Leavy, tundraleap [at]


SOURCE: Laurel Ley, LaurelLey [at]
Animal Relief Resource • cell: 904-571-6135; fax: 831-603-3195

8/28/07, from Laurel Ley — Sign up NOW for American Humane’s Animal Emergency Services Volunteer Training to be held Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 September. A special price for LSART ( members is being offered; however, anyone can participate. Participants are anyone interested in the welfare of animals in a disaster:

* Professionals trained in human disaster response
* Emergency Medical Services personnel
* Firefighters
* Search and rescue personnel
* Animal shelter staff
* Animal control officers
* Veterinarians & vet technicians
* Animal handlers/trainers
* Individuals interested in responding to a disaster

The focus of the two-day training is for participants to understand the coordination of animal shelters and emergency response within the existing national disaster response system, interagency cooperation, animal first aid techniques, personal safety in an emergency situation, and media relations. Additionally, participants will be taught the basics of how to manage large and small animals. The course includes a mock shelter exercise.

Participation is limited; so sign up soon before the course is filled!

Location is TBD but is looking to be in lower Jefferson Parish.


* $25 for LSART members
* $85 for American Humane members
* $100 non-members

To register or for more information: or email training [at]
Be sure to put “Louisiana AES” training in the subject line or reference in your email.

If you’re not currently a LSART member but are available to respond to help Louisiana whether you live in state or out of, to help the state you can download the registration form here:;jsessionid=3k30q9ip1p7g0

If you’re looking to fly in from out of the area, Southwest Airlines often has good fares and is currently offering specials from some areas to the New Orleans airport, which is in Jefferson Parish:

If you download their “Ding” service, they often have REALLY good prices you need to book the same day they’re offered (such as $49 one-way fares):

Any questions should be directed to American Humane or LSART; I’m just passing along information. You’re welcome however to mention my name as the source of where you heard about the course. I took the course last Summer in Chicago and can highly recommend it. It’s informative, interesting, and creates a good sense of teamwork. And from anyone I’ve talked to whoever has gone through the course, I’ve heard all solid, positive feedback.

Laurel Ley: LaurelLey [at]


3. A Time Line In Photos Of Katrina Pet Rescue

SOURCE: Anita, criticalpetsrescue [at]

A time line in photographs of the Katrina Pet Rescue. Many of the photos you are about to view will be very disturbing, some very heartwarming, but they are all the reality of what the tireless, and unselfish rescuers dealt with every single day. We must remember them as much as the animals they rescued…and those they couldn’t.


4. Last Chance To Help KAT 5 Win A $10,000 Grant

SOURCE: Kat5 Animal Rescue, kat5animalrescue [at]

KAT 5 is currently in 5th place with only 2 weeks left. It’s getting close.

Check our progress at:

On this 2 year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we remember why we do what we do. KAT 5 exists today because the animals needed us. They still do. Thank you for your support. KAT 5 Animal Rescue.

KAT 5 is competing to win a matching grant. The non-profits with the top 6 charity badges will get a matching grant of up to $10,000 for their charity from Hanes. (The winning badges are calculated by the number of donations, not the amount, Just $10. will make the difference for an animal). The charity badge contest ends September 16th at 11:59 p.m. ET.*

Just follow this link — and click the orange “DONATE” button:

or if you have trouble viewing the badge, please try: [link]

FLASHBACK: The Saints Of New Orleans

Unbelievably, nearly two months after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, animals are still being found in houses. (November 2005).

Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 07 - Don Corsmeier of KAT 5

PHOTO: Rescue volunteer Don Corsmeier rides in his vehicle with Miniature Pincher/Manchester terrior mix, whom he rescued in late October, 2006. She was his “easiest rescue,” having run out from under a house to a grassy field where she rolled on her back for him to rub her belly.

The conditions of dogs and cats found in houses range from “horrible to worse,” says Don Corsmeier of Cincinnati, a rescue volunteer working with a core group at a staging area on a Winn Dixie parking lot, four miles east of the French Quarter. About 6,000 animals have passed through this staging area en route to shelters or private rescue groups… READ REST OF STORY:

*Don is a KAT 5 volunteer. When Hurricane Katrina hit, members of KAT 5 were just individuals from across the country who were moved to action to rescue animals. We did not belong to any group, we were all “freelance volunteers” filling the void of animal rescue in the Katrina hit region. KAT 5, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was formed by these volunteers for future animals that are deemed to be in distress or are displaced.


5. Lawyer’s Perspective On Katrina Pet Adopters

SOURCE: Lee E Heller, lee [at]

8/4/07, from lee [at] — Under most common law, if you take care of someone else’s property (as the State of Louisiana seems to be construing our adoption of Katrina animals), and incur expenses in so doing, you are entitled to compensation. If the value of the costs incurred equals or exceeds the value of the property being cared for, you might be able to claim that property for yourself, if its ‘owner’ has no other means for recompensing you.

So I would advise anyone with a Katrina adoptee that, if you are contacted about returning an animal, consult an attorney in their home state to determine if that state allows you to claim compensation for expenses incurred while caring for another’s property. My guess is, if some of these Katrina pet owners had to pony up to pay for expenses incurred by adopters taking care of their neglected pets, they’d suddenly melt away.

I guarantee you, if someone comes to take my Katrina dog, they’re not getting her until they’ve paid for the cost of treating her for the heartworm infection they allowed to develop over a period of years; the cost of the multiple-extraction dentals she had to have for her rotting teeth; and the cost of the emergency spay that was required when she developed a pyometra, a post-heat uterine infection that resulted from her owners’ failure to spay her. Oh, and the ultrasounds I’ve had done to track the cardiopulmonary disease resulting from the heartworm infection; the treatment for her gall stone and bile duct infection…

Folks, my best friend evacuated from Katrina with five cats, most of them former ferals. Although some people in NOLA had to leave their animals behind, many more CHOSE to do so, and could have done as my friend did. As far as I’m concerned, when those people made that choice, they forfeited their claim on the animal they abandoned. I’ll use any legal means at my disposal to make that point. Lee E Heller, Ph.D., J.D., Summerland Ca

* READER RESPONSE TO: Attention Katrina Pet Adopters
* Attention Katrina Pet Adopters


6. The Pets of Hurricane Katrina – Then & Now…


On the Tree of Love, you will find six courageous Katrina pets whose incredible stories are as amazing as the animals themselves. READ ALL SIX OF THEIR STORIES ON THE TREE OF LOVE:


Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 08 - Tree of Love - Teddy

Gorgeous Teddy, a Golden Retriever Chow Chow mix, had been wandering the dangerous and diseased streets in the wake of Hurricane Katrina before he was finally rescued. When Teddy was medically evaluated, it was discovered he had various conditions including dermatitis, an upper respiratory infection, and parasites. In addition, Teddy’s teeth had been slightly worn down suggesting that he had been eating rocks to make up for the lack of food, and doing what needed to be done to survive. Poor Teddy had been battling famine and depression…


Kinship Circle - 2007-09-01 - 09 - Tree of Love - Bitsey

Calico kitten, Bitsey, was most likely in a shelter when Hurricane Katrina hit. At only 8-10 weeks old, she never would have survived on the catastrophic streets. Rescued from the animal-packed staging area in Louisiana, she was air-lifted back to the safety of the League. From day one, she was outgoing…and literally unaffected by the devastation that had previously enveloped her…


7. UPDATE: Coys Charged With 12 Counts Of Animal Cruelty

SOURCE: Kat5 Animal Rescue, kat5animalrescue [at]


* Lyle, Featured In Film Dark Water Rising, Needs Your Help

8/29/07, from Kat5 Animal Rescue — The place where Katrina dog Lyle was re-rescued from has been shut down after charges were filed for 12 counts of animal cruelty. The dogs are being held as evidence. The dogs have until this Friday; they will all be PTS if a place has not been found for them. The shelter holding them will allow groups to pay for boarding after Friday to hold the dogs until they can get them.


FULL STORY HERE: — A Hodgenville couple previously convicted of violating county and state animal-related laws, and already facing more charges, now face yet another round of Accusations… William S. Coy, 43, and Sandra Coy, 50, both of the 1100 block of Peppers Road, each face12 charges of second-degree cruelty to animals, a class-A misdemeanor, after Sheriff Bobby Shoffner and Deputy Matt Darst investigated their property on Aug. 23.

The Sheriff’s office received a call last week from a neighbor of the Coys, reporting a “very bad odor” coming from a property next door to their residence, according to a statement released by the office.

The two law enforcement officials walked to the edge of the neighbor’s property and saw the corpse of a pit bull inside a kennel, “very bloated and still on its chain.” The statement said a freshly dug grave with another dead dog buried in it was also found on the property. Shoffner and Evans brought water to 10 dogs, according to the statement, on a day when temperatures topped out in excess of 100 degrees.

Darst filed the animal cruelty charges the following day and obtained a court order to remove all other dogs from the property, as well as arrest warrants for William and Sandra Coy. The dogs were taken to a shelter in Taylor County. William Coy was not located and arrested until Aug. 25. Sandra Coy had not been apprehended as of press time.

In all, 37 pit bulls, one German Sheppard and eight pit bull puppies were removed from the property. The Sheriff’s Department believes at least one of the pit bulls was thought to have been a dog the Coys were reportedly taking care of for a Hurricane Katrina family…


* SHELTERS that can take these dogs, contact KAT 5.
* Pending placement being found, KAT 5 will facilitate transport from Kentucky to a safe harbor.
* Transport help may be needed. Contact KAT 5: kat5animalrescue [at] * 972-898-3300

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-09 - 05 - Kentucky Rerescue

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-09 - 06 - Kentucky Rerescue

Kinship Circle - 2007-08-09 - 07 - Kentucky Rerescue

Photos of Coy property courtesy of Chuck Meyer:


8. Watch This!

SOURCE: Amanda St. John, amanda [at]

8/29/07, from Amanda St. John — Please watch this video today and forward it to your contacts. We are trying to get 10,000 people to watch it today!

Amazing Animal Rescue Project – The Katrina Promise

Please Help:
MuttShack Animal Rescue – Natural Disaster Animal Response
15981 Yarnell St., Suite 188 | Sylmar, CA 91342
730 Orleans Avenue. 2nd Floor, New Orleans | LA | 90116


9. Michael Vick Did NOT Adopt 14 Katrina Pit Bulls


CLAIM: Image shows an advertisement from the Virginia Beach SPCA thanking quarterback Michael Vick for his assistance in rescuing pit bulls.

STATUS: False.

EXAMPLE: [Collected via e-mail, July 2007] I received this attachment in an email regarding the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals thanking Michael Vick for taking in 14 pit bull terriers displaced by hurricane Katrina. With the recent revelations about his involvement in dog fighting, I am wondering if this is legitimate or just a sick joke?

ORIGINS: Michael Vick, quarterback of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, has been the subject of extensive news coverage (and public opprobrium) since he was indicted in July 2007 on charges related to his alleged participation in a dogfighting ring that executed underperforming pit bulls by hanging, electrocution, drowning, shooting, and other brutal means. The fallout from the issue has so far included Vick’s being ordered to stay away from the Atlanta Falcons training camp, the suspension of Vick’s endorsement deal with shoe manufacturer Nike, and the halting of sales of Vick-related merchandise (such as jerseys and trading cards).

Widely publicized tragic events are often followed by a cycle of tasteless jokes (also known as “sick humor”) that use those events as fodder for humor. The image displayed above is an example of that phenomenon, a purported advertisement from the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) thanking Michael Vick for his assistance in finding homes for pit bulls displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The image itself is just a crude digital mock-up, and the Virginia Beach SPCA confirms that it did not engage in dealings with Michael Vick to help place animals rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: The Virginia Beach SPCA does not know nor has VBSPCA ever done any business with Mr. Vick. While we did go to the Gulf Coast after hurricane Katrina, camp on the ground, work in the heat and bring back homeless animals back to our shelter, none of the more than 100 animals we assisted went to Mr. Vick.

The URL for this page is

Urban Legends Reference Pages, by Barbara and David P. Mikkelson



Thatagirl, Lassie!


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