Michael Vick: Now the Hypocrisy Begins

September 4th, 2007 8:55 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare



On Monday, 8/27/07, Michael Vick appeared before Judge Hudson who questioned Mr. Vick to ensure he understood the plea bargain being submitted to the Court.

Now the hypocrisy begins.

First, Michael Vick uses his considerable resources to buy the best legal finagling money can buy. Shortly thereafter we see an orchestrated program including expressions of support from other black athletes and the NAACP and SCLC, a confession that isn’t, and remarks by Falcon team owner Arthur Blank describing Vick’s heinous behavior over the last six years (and longer if Vick’s father is to be believed) as “the incident”, and last we are told by Vick that he has found the Lord.

What does this mean?

It means the brutalization and killing of trusting creatures is trumped by the mores of money and big sports business.

It means that illegal gambling is somehow being ignored.

It means that the people behind Michael Vick are relying on a mindless fan base to put aside any thoughts of making an example of Vick’s immorality, returning the focus instead to the entertainment value of professional sports and the simultaneous but less forthright effort to salvage some value from Vick.

Did you listen to what Michael Vick said? To whom did he apologize first? His family? No, it was to his team – to the deep pockets.

Did you hear what Mr. Blank said? He thought it might make everyone feel good to suspend or release Vick, but it wouldn’t be good for the “franchise”.

Was that money talking? What about the dogs? What about the mores? What about the awful behavior and its examplar value?

Michael Vick is sorry. You bet he’s sorry. He’s sorry he got caught. After years of dogfighting, and after only four (4!) months since he last killed a dog in the most horrible way for not measuring up, he’s now sorry Yes, sorry he got caught.

If we are content to allow this to happen and do nothing, then there will be other lowbrow “culture” imports, and more dogfighting and gambling, and nothing will have changed – except that dogs will have been officially denigrated and professional athletes taught that thumbing their noses at the world is perfectly acceptable.

This is what counts: Vick killed in the most evil and deliberate way. He tortured. And he lied to his employer and the world.

And the calm after the storm suggests this is now over. Contrition rules. We await sentencing for Michael Vick, but it is time now to doze off.

If you have a sense of moral outrage at this as we do, do something about it.

1. Write to Michael Vick telling him what you think of his second coming.

(NOTE: addresses below)

2. Write to Arthur Blank telling him what you will do about supporting his Atlanta Falcons.

3. Write a letter to Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, and tell him what you think about the code of conduct for the NFL.

4. Write letters to your local papers about this and what you want to have happen.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, make a difference wherever you live. Every sheriff, police chief, commonwealth attorney, etc., in Virginia (or wherever you live) should be asked about animal fighting in their jurisdiction in the last three years.

Ask how many cases (or suspected cases) have been reported.

Ask for the case numbers so you can see for yourself what the cases were about.

Ask what happened to those cases including in which court the cases were heard.

Ask what happened to those convicted, and if not convicted, why not.

And when you get the answers, shout them out. Get them to the paper. If they are good reports, we cheer with you. If they are not, we will work with you. If you get no response, that tells you a lot, and we will help you.

Can Michael Vick be saved? Yes, but not by apologies or promises.

Let Michael Vick perform first and ask forgiveness later.

Let him – from afar and without being able to so much as smell a dog – give and do good in the manner of Bob Barker and Dave Duffield, the PeopleSoft entrepreneur who established Maddie’s Fund.

Let Michael Vick cooperate fully with the federal prosecutors, naming names of others involved in illegal activities, whether dogfighting related or not.

Until this is done, Michael Vick should be banished – disappeared – ignored – ostracized.

It isn’t too late for Vick, but it is surely too late for his victims.

Lillian Clancy/Don Marro
Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare/Virginians for Animal Welfare


Michael Vick:
ADavis [at] AMBFO.com
This email is for the administrative assistant for Arthur Blake.
To get an email to Michael Vick, in the subject line, write: Please Deliver To Michael Vick

Arthur Blank, Owner of the Atlanta Falcons:
ADavis [at] AMBFO.com
This email is for the administrative assistant for Arthur Blake. Apparently Mr. Blank’s name does not to be in the subject line; send to this address and he will receive your message.

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner
email: GoodellR [at] nfl.com or Roger.Goodell2 [at] nfl.net



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7 Responses to “Michael Vick: Now the Hypocrisy Begins”

  1. margaret kinney Says:

    he’s a vicious violent heartless pig,how any one can enjoy,watching defenseless animals ripping ea. other apart,flesh hanging,eyes gauged out,their nose riped off,& deprived of food or water for many days..I also have to wonder how all the blk.can rally ,behind this savage,which is something white people, don’t do,& they wonder why==”THESE KILLINGS GOT TO STOP” in newark,blks.killing blks.it’s never going to stop.when u have a savage nature,& r entertained,at the sight of blood ,& torture,& alowing kids to watch this attrocity,ur people r doomed, u will continue killing ea.other,u have no heart, & no soul, your not even HUMAN

  2. Kelly Says:

    Margaret – the racism is totally uncalled for. Prejudice is wrong, whether it’s directed at non-human animals or a (human) minority group. Take it elsewhere.

    And, for the record, whites also engage in animal fighting, not to mention a myriad of other atrocities directed against non-human animals. (Hello, factory farming! hunting! foie gras! shall I go on?)

  3. Kelley Starnes Says:

    I just saw where Mike Vike turned himself in early today, to the U.S. Marhshalls, and the news channel said this is so he could start his sentencing early. What was not said was how long he was sentenced for. I am disgusted, outraged, and sick in my stomach. I wish I coud write him a letter, as he is in jail, but I bet he would not read it.

  4. Kelly Says:

    Hi Kelley –

    Vick hasn’t been sentenced yet; he just turned himself in early in anticipation of receiving jail time:

    Michael Vick got a head start on a possible long prison stretch Monday, surrendering three weeks before he was to be sentenced for his involvement in a bloody dogfighting ring.

    He’s scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 10 on a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge but worked out a deal “to voluntarily enter custody prior to his sentencing hearing,” according to a court document.

    Of course, I highly doubt that whatever punishment he receives will be commensurate with the crime…but at least the case helped bring animal fighting to the front of the public consciousness.


    Kelly G.

  5. ashley underwood Says:

    I cant believe that sorry bitch only got 23 months…he needed LIFE. i have 3 pitbulls (loving) and buddy you just messed with the wrong people. i sweer to god if i ever see your face in person you WILL KNOW IT. and if you think you team mates can help you but writting on them selfs saying shit like free vick thats some shit. you aint going know where and i wish they would just do away with the whole fuckin team!!!! look hows in the dog house now bitch…………….

  6. Kelly Says:

    Ashley – the sexism is totally uncalled for. Prejudice is wrong, whether it’s directed at non-human animals or a disenfranchised group of humans. Take it elsewhere.

    Man, wtf is wrong with people? Do I even have to explain how horrid, misguided, and counterproductive it is to answer speciesism (Vick’s dogfighting) with racism (racial slurs) and misogyny (gender-based slurs)? Get a clue!

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