API: Coyotes and Other Wildlife Need Your Help

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Subject: Coyotes and Other Wildlife Need Your Help

Alerts at a Glance:

* Make Your Community Coyote-Friendly
– Take steps to help your community co-exist humanely with coyotes.

* Oklahoma Residents: Urge Attorney General to End Cruel Wildlife Practice
– Help put a stop to an inhumane method of “managing” coyotes ets2 kostenlos herunterladen.

* Virginia Residents: Your Voice Urgently Needed on Behalf of Wildlife
– Speak out against several proposed regulation changes that are harmful to wildlife.

* Washington Residents: Speak up for Washington Wildlife
– Help determine major issues in “hunted wildlife” management.

* Other Ways to Help Animals
** Purr…fect Cat Fence: Protect your cat from wildlife encounters while enjoying the great outdoors herunterladen.
** API Gift Memberships: Give the gift of membership and share API with friends and family members.

National Alert: Make Your Community Coyote-Friendly

The Animal Protection Institute (API) recently helped the City of San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control with a public education campaign to teach residents how to co-exist with coyotes. Through its progressive and compassionate actions, San Francisco has set a great example for communities around the country.

API can help you make your city coyote-friendly too, and urges you to find out more about the resources available to you to take proactive steps for coyotes in your area schafkopf programm kostenlosen.

API aims to reduce the number of coyotes that are killed as a result of coming into conflict with people and to foster greater understanding and appreciation for the important role coyotes play in maintaining ecosystem health and species diversity.

API offers information to advocates and communities about effective, humane strategies for addressing conflicts with coyotes.

Find out more about how you can help coyotes in your area by going to http://www.api4animals.org/actionalerts.php?p=1261&more=1

Oklahoma Residents: Urge Attorney General to End Cruel Wildlife Practice

In a recent letter to the Attorney General, international wildlife organization Big Wildlife urged Oklahoma General W.A em portugues. Drew Edmondson to immediately halt the illegal and inhumane killing of coyotes in the state.

Big Wildlife discovered the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services had been employing lethal control methods that clearly violate federal and state animal cruelty statutes to “manage” coyotes in Oklahoma. This included information that Wildlife Services employees were using shovels to perform cervical dislocation on coyote pups or to crush the animals’ skulls.

This is a barbaric and grisly practice with no place in the modern world. Please urge the Oklahoma State Attorney General to put a halt to this practice and consider instead more humane alternatives in coyote “management.”

To find out more and help Oklahoma coyotes, go to http://www.api4animals.org/actionalerts.php?p=1299&more=1

Virginia Residents: Your Voice Urgently Needed on Behalf of Wildlife

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is proposing several regulation changes harmful to wildlife. The public has been invited to comment on the proposed changes via the Department’s website. In particular, proposed changes include the weakening of trapping and snaring restrictions, the use of electronic calls on public lands, and the use of coyotes for canned hound training.

Your voice is critical to help ensure that these harmful amendments do not go into effect, and that the best interests of wildlife in Virginia are met. Comments are due by September 24, so please take action today.

To find out more and take action on this alert, go to http://www.api4animals.org/actionalerts.php?p=1298&more=1

Washington Residents: Speak up for Washington Wildlife

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has asked for public input to help determine major issues to consider in the management of “hunted wildlife” for 2009–2015.

An online survey is available through which you can express your opinion. Though many of the survey questions are worded to elicit pro-hunting responses, this is one of the few opportunities the non-hunting public has to weigh in on how wildlife in the state are treated.

To ensure that Washington wildlife has many compassionate, animal-friendly voices speaking on their behalf, your input in the WDFW’s online survey is needed by October 1, so please take action today.

To find out more and take action on this alert, go to http://www.api4animals.org/actionalerts.php?p=1297&more=1

Other Ways to Help Animals: Purr…fect Cat Fence

Purr…fect Cat Fence is the first complete, free-standing, backyard fence enclosure for cats. Now any cat can safely enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors, without you worrying about their safety.

Additionally, Purr…fect Cat Fence can act as a deterrent to deer and other wild animals entering your yard. Purchase Purr…fect Cat Fence through our dedicated link, and API will receive $25 for each sale.

For more information, click here.

Other Ways to Help Animals: API Gift Memberships

Looking for the perfect gift for that someone who has everything? Give them the gift of membership in the Animal Protection Institute! With a variety of levels to choose from, there’s bound to be one just right for the occasion. We’ll be sure to let the individual(s) know from where the gift originated and send you a receipt of donation.

Whether for the holidays, a birthday, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, or other occasion, the gift of an API membership is a wonderful way to show you care. Learn more about API Gift Memberships here.

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