The Big One-O.

October 10th, 2007 1:07 pm by mad mags

2003-10-10 - RalphieBDay-0018

That’s right: the Ralphster turns the Big One-O today herunterladen. My little man, all grown up.


I don’t want to get all melancholy on what should be a day of joy, happiness and celebration, so I’ll try to overlook the bittersweetness that is the double-digit canine birthday milestone and instead reflect on the six wonderful years (and hopefully six+ more!) I’ve spent with My Other Boyfriend ™ gutschein vorlagen kostenlos downloaden. Ralphie truly is the best wiener dog a girl could ask for.


K, enough of that. Let’s break out the pictures!

Vintage Ralphie, taken the summer we adopted him:

2001-Summer - Ralphie'MightyDog'

Even more vintage Ralphie – his DRNA adoption photo:

2001-06-28 - Ralphie'sDRNAListing-0001

Some pics of The Ralph that I took during the move truck simulator kostenlosen vollversion. Quite spry in his old middle age, eh? (He gets a lot of action for an old guy, too.)

2007-09-13 - Moving Day! - 0037

2007-09-13 - Moving Day! - 0039

2007-09-13 - Moving Day! - 0059

2007-09-13 - Moving Day! - 0086

2007-09-13 - Moving Day! - 0093

2007-09-14 - Onward to Missouri - 0002

2007-09-14 - Our First Place - 0024

2007-09-14 - Our First Place - 0075

2007-09-14 - Our First Place - 0078

2007-10-01 - Playing in the Work Room - 0035

2007-10-01 - Playing in the Work Room - 0039

And last year’s birthday montage, which I lovelovelove and have been meaning to print out and frame for – what? – a year now:

To Ralphie

Man, I could do this all day. Every picture of Ralphie is my favorite…

2004-01-11 - RalphieTire1-005

But now I’m off to make my little guy some homemade biscuits, to (soy)butter him up for the photo session (complete with pumpkin and pirate outfits!) that’s sure to follow.

I love you, Ralphie, more than words can say.



P.S. Daddy also loves you, so much so he wrote you your very own ode.



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