LCA: 10/29 Elephant Update! Alaska Zoo Ele to Sanctuary-L.A. Zoo Faces Lawsuit!

October 30th, 2007 8:48 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Subject: 10/29 Elephant Update! Alaska Zoo Ele to Sanctuary-L.A. Zoo Faces Lawsuit!

Maggie, Alaska Zoo Elephant, to Sanctuary! Zoo to Close Elephant Exhibit!

Judge Refuses to Dismiss L.A. Zoo Elephant Abuse Case!

Great News! Maggie, the lone elephant in the Alaska Zoo, will move to PAWS Elephant Sanctuary in Northern California!


On November 1st, Maggie will be flying from Alaska to California, via an Air Force cargo craft. Last month, the Alaska Zoo Board of Directors decided that it was in the best interest to her health and well-being to be with other elephants in a milder climate. This announcement came after years of controversy over Maggie’s health, culminating this May after Maggie had to be hoisted to her feet twice, following an illness.

Thanks to all your phone calls, emails and faxes, Maggie is free from captivity, but most importantly, thank you for helping to permanently close down the Alaska Zoo elephant exhibit. Countless other elephants will be saved from the horrors of captivity. The Alaska Zoo is now the 12th Zoo in recent years to permanently close down or phase out their elephant exhibit.

Maggie is also the third elephant moved to sanctuary this year. Dulary from the Philadelphia Zoo and Ruby from the Los Angeles Zoo were also moved to sanctuary this year. The Philadelphia Zoo made the decision to permanently close down their elephant exhibit, while the Los Angeles Zoo is still moving forward, unfortuntately, with a new $39 million dollar exhibit.

More great news! The L.A. Zoo to face a lawsuit.

In a Los Angeles court today, Judge Reginald A. Dunn refused to dismiss a lawsuit alleging the Los Angeles Zoo elephants are neglected and abused.

The lawsuit seeks to stop the new $39 million dollar African elephant exhibit now under construction and to permanently close the exhibit. Currently, Billy is the lone male elephant at the Zoo and is key to the planned breeding program. The new exhibit is to include 10 barns and when completed (expected late 2009) will be smaller in area per elephant than the old exhibit.

Earlier this year at the L.A. Zoo, after much pressure from animal activists, Ruby the Asian elephant moved to PAWS sanctuary. The Zoo did not have a place for her in the new African elephant exhibit. Though Ruby’s move to sanctuary is terrific for her, it allowed the Zoo to replace her with other elephants that better fit the future of the Zoo. In the end, Ruby was just an expendable commodity.

See Elephant Sanctuaries – Not Captivity for more information.

Three Things you can do to help elephants in captivity!

1. Keep Elephants in the News and Educate!

Educating the public about the plight of captive elephants is very important! Write letters to the editor of every magazine or newspaper you read. Talk to your friends and family about the plight of captive elephants. Carry literature with you and leave it in public places – at the gym, at the Laundromat, on the bus. Contact us for more information.

2. Stay Involved!

Sign up to receive LCA’s Action Alerts – the best way to stay up-to-date with LCA’s campaigns. We will notify all our supporters via Action Alerts when there are new developments or actions to take regarding the L.A. Zoo elephants. Click here to sign up!

3. Write, Call, Email, Fax!

Contact (write a letter, call, email or fax) your city officials and your local zoo. Urge them to relocate their elephants to a sanctuary and close down their elephant exhibit permanently! It is the most effective and easiest thing you can do for the animals. Contact us and we’ll tell you how!

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