Farm Sanctuary’s E-News & Action Alert 11/30/07

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Motherless Lambs Struggle for Second Chance at Life

Early in November, our New York Shelter responded to an urgent plea from the Ulster County SPCA to assist with the care and placement of ten newborn lambs. Found motherless, cold and starving in central New York, the suckling babies were the only survivors out of a group of 20 helpless animals—who were purchased and left to fend for themselves in a frightening, lonely world. Now dependent upon the mercy of humans for survival, the lambs were in desperate need of safe refuge, ‘round-the-clock intensive care and constant, loving attention—needs we were more than happy to fulfill. Read more.

2007 Farm Bill Reaches Critical Juncture

With the Senate poised to recess for the year, the 2007 Farm Bill—a massive piece of legislation that will set policy on all aspects of agriculture for the next five years—has reached a critical juncture and may be debated over and voted on by senators next week. The livestock industry is already lobbying hard to protect its interests, so the time is ripe for you to contact your senators too and share your input on three potential amendments—which could profoundly affect the lives of farm animals. You can help.

California Ballot Campaign Update!

With just three months left of the signature gathering portion of the California ballot campaign, we urge you to get involved! This monumental initiative will prohibit some of the cruelest forms of confinement in industrialized animal agriculture – calves in veal crates, breeding pigs in gestation crates and laying hens in battery cages. If you live in California, or know anyone residing in the state, please urge them to get involved in this life-changing measure! Time is ticking for the animals and we need your help!

Gifts that Make an Impact

Want to help animals in need with every holiday gift you buy? Support compassionate artisans and artists who donate to animal charities AND find some of the best quality and most charming and unique handmade treasures by shopping online at Crafters for Critters ( and Etsy for Animals ( Also be sure to check out our cruelty-free wears ( and eats ( shopping directories to find more ethical gifts that will wow everyone on your list.

Shop for the Holidays with your Farm Sanctuary MasterCard

This year, you can help farm animals with every holiday purchase you make by using your Farm Sanctuary MasterCard. If all Farm Sanctuary card holders join together, this simple action can help raise thousands of dollars urgently needed to bring suffering cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals to safety. Please remember, each purchase makes a difference. If you are interested in applying for a Farm Sanctuary MasterCard, visit:

Holiday Book Idea— Lauren’s Story: An American Dog in Paris

A revised edition of this true and heartfelt story about a stray beagle who ends up in Paris is now available with a new afterword on animal welfare. Author Kay Pfaltz is donating 100% of book profits to animal welfare organizations, including Farm Sanctuary. Lauren’s Story will make a great gift for dog lovers and help farm animals too. Now available at Barnes and Noble. See Kay’s mission statement at

ABC Home & Planet Foundation

Roaming Free – Offer compassionate care to a young pig as she recovers from the harm of factory farming, ensuring lasting freedom, dignity and well-being.


In some households, every day is turkey day
New York Times, November 22, 2007

Green Space: Eating vegetarian is taking global warming personally
AlterNet, November 30, 2007

Foie gras a ‘diseased’ food, animal welfare groups say
Associated Content, November 29, 2007


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