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Alerts at a Glance:

* Winner Declared for Design Against Fur People’s Choice Award
– You voted, and the results are just in for this special award — part of an annual design contest to raise awareness that it’s never okay to wear fur.

* National Bird Day Holiday e-Cards Now Available
– New online! Be sure to take advantage of a great way to remind people about this important day — on behalf of the millions of birds around the world who are exploited by the pet industry btd6 herunterladen.

* Other Ways to Help Animals
** NY Artificial: Get an eco-friendly Karuna shopping bag and 60% of the profit benefits API’s work for animals.

Winner Declared for Design Against Fur People’s Choice Award

Fur Free Alliance - 2007 People's Choice

In November, the Animal Protection Institute (API) asked you to cast your vote for the Design Against Fur People’s Choice Award 360 grad app herunterladen. The polls have closed, a record number of more than 26,000 votes have been tallied, and the winner of the $1,000 prize has just been named.

Johanna Basto, of Montreal’s College de Maisonneuve, has now become the second ever People’s Choice Award winner for 2007.Her compelling poster, created around the theme that innocent animals are “Fashion Victims”, can be viewed at http://www.infurmation.com/daf/2007/win07_can/basto.jpg.

This year marked the fifth annual Design Against Fur poster competition held by the Fur Free Alliance (FFA) — an international coalition of more than 35 animal protection organizations working to bring an end to the exploitation and killing of animals for their fur netflix serieen computer.

The Animal Protection Institute is a member of the FFA, and is also a sponsor of this annual event which aims to encourage compassionate student designers from around the globe to make a difference for millions of animals — by delivering an educational message to the world about why it’s never okay to wear fur.

Thanks for helping pick a winner!

To see more of the 2007 Design Against Fur competition and see what’s coming for 2008, click here.

For more about the Fur Free Alliance, go to http://www.infurmation.com

National Bird Day Holiday e-Cards Now Available

National Bird Day - bizarro-card-1

Looking for a special way to let friends and family know about National Bird Day? Send them an e-card to remind them about this important day — on behalf of the millions of birds around the world who are exploited by the pet industry.

Today, millions of captive birds lead miserable lives languishing in cages, and nearly 12 percent of the world’s 9,800 bird species may face extinction within the next century.

National Bird Day e-cards come in a variety of styles, can be completely personalized, and are a fun way to let people know that birds deserve better. In addition to several “Think Outside the Cage” cards, look for two extra special designs featuring the work of cartoonist Dan Piraro, creator of the popular, nationally syndicated “Bizarro” comic.

And for those of you on MySpace, be sure and visit http://www.myspace.com/nationalbirdday and take a moment to friend us!

To view and send National Bird Day e-cards, go to http://www.nationalbirdday.com/e_linktous.php#postcards

For more about National Bird Day and other ways you can get involved go to http://www.nationalbirdday.com

Other Ways To Help Animals

NY Artificial

Internationally renowned New York designers NY Artificial have created the Karuna Project to benefit charitable causes that are close to their hearts. The newly designed Karuna shopping bag collection is available exclusively at NY Artificial & NYA.

These fabulous bags come in two different sizes and six great colors to choose from. The Karuna bags are eco-friendly, practical, and very, very fashionable! They are also weightless, very strong, and easily rolled to a compact size for quick storage.

The best part is that NY Artificial has generously agreed to donate 60% of the profit from each Karuna bag sale to API, when you select us as your charity during your online checkout.

All NY Artificial designer bags are animal-friendly, earth-friendly, and are made with sustainable and biodegradable materials. Plus the bags are handmade in the U.S. and never in sweat shops. NY Artificial is also a part of Consumers for a Fur Free Society — an international program created and coordinated by the Animal Protection Institute (API) that recognizes retailers who have committed in writing to a no-fur policy.

For more information, click here.


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