His Noodliness sez, "Let ur freak flag fly!"

December 13th, 2007 11:59 pm by mad mags

Look! Pirate flags! On Amazon! For just $5!

If you don’t have a flagpole out front, like moi*

2007-12-13 - Ice Storm - 0015

then you can always hang ’em somewhere inside instead.

2007-12-11 - FSMas Flags - 0005

This also works if you just want to preserve the package-fresh creases.

2007-12-05 - FSMas Decorating - 0009

Any idea how to get the folds out? Anyone?

Italian flags are molto saucy, anche!

2007-12-05 - FSMas Decorating - 0008

FYI: We bought all these flags – as well as a few we haven’t gotten ’round to flying yet – from 3x5Flag on Amazon. No complaints here, and we even got a few 10% off coupons for future orders.

* We actually plan on hanging this pirate flag under Old Glory; just haven’t gotten to it yet, wut with the ice storm and all. As to why we even felt a need to hang an American flag out front in the first place; well, the Mr. wanted to, and I wanted my neighbors not to want to burn my heathen, pirate-luvin’ house to the ground, so…the Mr. won that decorating battle. After the holidays, the pirate flag will be replaced with this hippy-dippy beaut, so I’d like to think that I won the (non-) war.

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  1. Ruby Says:

    Posted on Also, I think that the Mr. Miracle series from Seven Soldiers coveerd the death of the New Gods.I’ve been very much enjoying the series and I barely even notice the fill-in artists, much better than some of the rush-jobs they did during Infinite Crisis.

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