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A Dynamic Force for Animals

On December 12, 2007, API announced a historic merger. In a move that redefines the animal protection movement, API joined forces with Born Free USA to become Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute.

By uniting our two organizations we stand ready to become a dynamic force for animals in need in the United States and around the world. Our unique combination of vision, commitment, and experience means Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute will be a leader that the animals can trust — and so can you.

The end of the year is the traditional time to pause and reflect over the past twelve months. So this final Bulletin takes an overview of our 2007 accomplishments as API, and what, with your help, we’ve achieved for the animals. We face 2008 with expanded resources, expanded staff, and an enthusiastic commitment to protecting animals. As Born Free USA united with API, we look forward to exciting changes in the months ahead herunterladen. We hope you’ll welcome this opportunity to continue to make a difference with us on behalf of animals, and that you’ll continue to support us with a generous year-end donation.


* Putting an end to “a lifetime of misery”
* Going up against the big guys
* Coyotes in our midst
* Fur kills
* No more cruel traps!
* Victory in Washington state
* Farm transport
* A more natural life
* Acting locally
* National Bird Day: January 5, 2008

What a Year! – A Message from the CEO

At the beginning of this year, we set forth an ambitious agenda for protecting the lives of animals both captive and wild. The success of our agenda depended on many factors, one of the biggest being the continued support of our valued members.

I am happy to report as the end of 2007 nears that we have achieved significant and historic victories on behalf of countless animals beautiful Sunday pictures for free. As our partner in this work, you can share in the pride of a job well done. The highlights of this year’s successes are outlined in this special year-end Bulletin plus some hints at what we’re going to be working on next year.

Throughout API’s 40-year history, our members have been an integral part of what we have been able to accomplish on behalf of animals. As always, we rely on your continued donations to help us achieve our goals. Thank you for being someone who cares about animals and works actively on their behalf.

For the animals,

Nicole G. Paquette, Esq.
Interim Chief Executive Officer and
Director of Legal and Government Affairs

Putting an End to “A Lifetime of Misery”

Elephants still suffer abuse and mistreatment to provide mere minutes of entertainment in many circuses. But the day when this practice becomes a thing of the past is getting closer. This year, in dozens of cities where Ringling Bros. showed up, so did our Circus Activist Network. Across the country, these tireless activists handed out more than 30,000 informational leaflets, often made the local news, wrote countless letters to the editor, and introduced circus-related legislation in several
cities herunterladen. Also, through letter-writing initiatives, our activists helped relocate Ruby, Dulary, and Maggie, all former zoo elephants who now reside in sanctuaries.

API continues to educate the public about the cruelties under the big top and the public is listening. More and more people are finding alternatives to entertainment that depends on inhumane treatment of animals for profit.

On another front, API introduced legislation in California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut to ban the use of bullhooks and chains. The media attention and the public support of these bills prove once again that the days are numbered for circuses that use wild and exotic animals.

“I think you are doing wonderfully well! I think I joined your organization when it first started in 1968 and have never been disappointed.” — API Member Barbara Ewing, CA

Going Up Against the Big Guys

After years of amassing a wealth of evidence, we are hoping for a 2008 trial date for our lawsuit against Ringling Bros. The lawsuit charges Ringling Bros. with violating the Endangered Species Act. Our case claims that they abusively train and discipline elephants with sharp implements such as bullhooks; confine and chain the multi-ton animals for prolonged periods; and forcibly separate baby elephants from their mothers stream and.

In 2007, we continued to build our case through the discovery process of the lawsuit in preparation for the actual trial. Joining API in this effort are the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Animal Welfare Institute, The Fund for Animals, and a former employee of Ringling Bros.

Fur Kills

The truth is simple: Fur and fur trim kill. Every year, more than 50 million animals are violently killed in the name of fashion. That is why API created and directs the International Fur Free Retailer program. In the U.S. it’s called Consumers for a Fur Free Society (CFFS).

Through partnership with the international animal movement, API is recognizing retailers who take a compassionate stand against fur and have put their commitment in writing. By signing on to the program, retailers prove that they are socially responsible and that they care about animals.

The CFFS program has already experienced great success in Europe with several major retailers signing on to the program. API continues to invite U.S. retailers to take a public stand against the violence and cruelty that comes with fur fashion.

For more information about the program visit http://www.furfreeshopping.com or the international site at http://www.furfreeretailer.com

Coyotes in Our Midst

As their natural habitats become more restricted, coyotes turn to populated, urban areas tux paint stempel kostenlos downloaden. This year, the city of San Francisco called for help after two coyotes were killed in Golden Gate Park as a direct result of irresponsible human actions. People had been intentionally feeding the coyotes. The API team assisted San Francisco Animal Care and Control with a major public education campaign to teach residents how to coexist with coyotes.

In fact, we directly educated 13 city councils across the nation about coexisting with coyotes in response to coyote incidents or requests from members. In addition, API continued to be the leader in providing information to advocates and communities about effective, humane strategies for addressing conflicts with coyotes.

No More Cruel Traps!

A victory for threatened and endangered species, such as lynx and other “non-target” animals that are seriously injured or killed in traps, was achieved in Maine when API settled its lawsuit against the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries &Wildlife (IF&W) herunterladen. The lawsuit was filed after API discovered that Canada lynx have been captured and sometimes seriously injured or killed in body-gripping traps set for other species. The terms of the consent decree include:

* most uses of certain body-gripping leghold traps in core lynx habitat are banned;
* restrictions must be maintained on the use of “killer-type” traps, cage traps, snares, and bait;
* IF&W must operate a telephone hotline during trapping season to receive reports of incidentally trapped lynx; and
* IF&W must rehabilitate lynx injured from trapping.

“Thank you for recycling, avoiding sweatshop products, and going vegetarian/vegan.” — API Member Garie Bass, MI

Victory in Washington State

After 7 long years of work, API won a victory for animals by passing a ban on the future possession of exotic animals in private hands and at roadside zoos in the state of Washington. This is one of the best laws in the country.

We also introduced a bill in North Carolina to ban the keeping of exotic animals as “pets.” It was a tough battle with loud opposition from a very vocal minority, but we were able to get the media involved — an effort that helped educate the public about the dangers of keeping exotic animals. As a result, a legislative committee was formed to further study the issue and the bill will be reintroduced in 2008.

As our A Life Sentence exotic animal investigation showed, keeping wild animals is a public safety issue herunterladen. A facility in Ohio that we highlighted within our investigation has since been shut down and the animals moved to accredited sanctuaries. Throughout this year, we worked to educate legislators in three other states that still do not have laws regulating private ownership of exotic animals. We expect to see changes in these states as well.

Farm Transport

Tens of thousands of people signed our petition to stop the unregulated cruelty imposed by the long distance transport of farmed animals for slaughter. Currently there is no monitoring or regulation of the long distance interstate and international transport of livestock used in commercial food production. To take advantage of growing public awareness of this problem, API has drafted model legislation to promote the well-being of animals and protect public health and national security. We will
lead this important initiative by introducing federal legislation in the coming year.

A More Natural Life

Justin, Zach, Mo, Jessica, Holly, Bruce, and Carly are just a few of the monkeys who now have a chance to live a more natural life after being rescued from lives as “pets,” “exhibits” at roadside zoos, or “subjects” in research laboratories ccleaner mac download kostenlos. Today, they have an enriched natural setting, space, and the companionship of others of their kind. They are able to forage for food, to groom others, and to participate in so many more normal monkey behaviors that they were denied in captivity.

Generous member donations continue to not only help feed the more than 400 Sanctuary residents but also to help fund the future construction of several large, natural, free-range enclosures for the monkeys.

API Gets Involved Locally

API was an integral member of a coalition effort to end the pet overpopulation problem in Sacramento, California. As a result of our efforts, both the city and county of Sacramento passed an ordinance which promotes spaying and neutering of cats and dogs and restricts out-of-control breeding. The focus of the ordinance is higher licensing fees for unaltered cats and dogs versus a lower license fee for animals who are spayed or neutered. There is a reduced unaltered fee for animals who are
registered with breed groups and meet certain criteria herunterladen. This ordinance is being used as a model nationwide.

“API opened my eyes to inhumane traps, transport of farmed animals, animals in circuses, pet shops selling animals — concerns that other organizations haven’t focused on.” — API Member Ruth Nissley, FL

It’s for the Birds!

National Bird Day - bizarro-card-1

The 6th Annual National Bird Day event (January 5, 2008) will be the biggest and best yet! Created and led by the Animal Protection Institute along with the Avian Welfare Coalition, National Bird Day is an educational event to draw attention to the plight of birds in captivity and in the wild. Visit http://www.NationalBirdDay.com for new events, new programs, and new tools to help advocates flock together for the birds.

You Can Help!

Your gift today ensures that Free USA united with API continue our efforts in 2008 on behalf of animals. Whether we are rescuing primates and providing them with a safe haven; working toward the passage of important legislation on behalf of farmed and exotic animals; promoting legislation to take elephants and other abused animals out of the circus; or working with activists and other animal advocacy organizations around the nation, our success is dependent on the generosity of people like you
who want to make a difference for animals herunterladen. Thank you!


Please do not reply to this email. Send any questions to the webmaster [at] bornfreeusa.org.

Copyright © 2007 Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute, PO Box 22505, Sacramento, CA 95822.



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