Farm Sanctuary: Watch our slideshow and celebrate happy endings

December 27th, 2007 1:50 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Subject: Watch our slideshow and celebrate happy endings

2007: Commemorate a year of happy endings and progress for farm animals at Farm Sanctuary with a tax-deductible, year-end gift.

For Farm Sanctuary, the past year of our work combining rescue, education and advocacy has brought many successes. View the Farm Sanctuary 2007 slideshow:

Reflecting on our accomplishments, we are proud to report that we saved 591 animals from abuse, educated millions of people about factory farming abuses and farm animal sentience, and advanced critical initiatives through our investigations, corporate campaigns and legal advocacy.

Our work for farm animals each day is possible only with the dedicated and continuing support of Farm Sanctuary members. Please, help us make many more victories for farm animal possible with a special, year-end gift today:

Your gift is a celebration of our victories in honor of farm animals, and ensures that our efforts on their behalf continue. With your help, 2007 was a banner year for farm animals!

* A Farm Sanctuary investigation exposed the reality of industrialized dairy farms and the lives of “Happy Cows” in California – responsible for more than 21 percent of the nation’s dairy supply. Our video, “Behind the Mustache: Farm Sanctuary Investigates the Dairy Industry,” provides documentation of the treatment of both milk-producing cows and their offspring, many of whom are hauled off to slaughter shortly after being born. The heartbreaking separation of one mother from her baby is shown in detail, as she chases the dairy farm worker who grabs her newborn, still wet from birth, by the back legs and drags him through the manure-caked pen.

* Farm Sanctuary’s media team elevated farm animal issues to the top tier of the mainstream’s attention like never before! We garnered a total of 3876 media hits in 2007, representing an astounding seven-fold increase in just three years. Major wire coverage included stories in the Associated Press (4), Reuters (5) and UPI (2) which were picked up in hundreds of newspapers throughout the U.S. We secured seven Boston Globe stories, five New York Times stories (including one cover story and a major feature on the front of the Food Section), four Los Angeles Times stories (including two covers) and prominent mentions on Air America Radio, The Food Network, NPR’s “All Things Considered,” and CNN Headline News.

* The New Jersey Supreme Court granted a petition to hear our landmark case challenging the state’s “humane” standards for the treatment of farm animals, after a lower court’s earlier ruling upholding the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s (NJDA) approval of some of the most egregious factory farm abuses as “humane.” The appeal goes beyond any previous legal action taken on behalf of farm animals in that it seeks a judicial declaration that many common factory farming practices are inhumane under New Jersey law. The Associated Press picked up this story and it ran in daily newspapers across the country.

* Farm Sanctuary co-released undercover footage from not one, not two, but the three largest foie gras production facilities in Canada. This gruesome and abhorrent footage was released to the press and Farm Sanctuary was interviewed for Canada’s largest TV station and coverage appeared in all of Canada’s major daily newspapers. We are pushing for prosecution in Canada, and we are also using this footage as an educational tool across the US to encourage store managers, chefs, legislators and the general public to say no to foie gras!

* After a multi-year campaign, Wolfgang Puck agreed to remove foie gras and crated veal from the menus of all of his businesses, including his fine dining restaurants, catering and events services, franchises, and store shelf products. He also committed to providing more vegetarian options. This announcement became one of our biggest media hits of the year – major wire services, daily newspapers and television stations across the country and around the world covered the story.

* In Congress, we successfully lobbied for the removal of a $12 million dollar veal industry subsidy from the Farm Bill, and co-released a white paper outlining our vision for a Farm Bill that promotes plant-based farming and sustainability.

* Farm Sanctuary released never-before-seen footage from inside a turkey breeding facility in conjunction with the new report, “Unnatural Breeding Techniques and Results in Modern Turkey Production.” To date, this video has been viewed more than 22,000 times on

* Now in its 22nd year, Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey Project reached a major milestone – front page coverage in the New York Times on Thanksgiving morning. Tofurky sales were up 37 percent this year.

* 200 people attended Farm Sanctuary’s NEW Caring Kids Festival and enjoyed vegan food samples, a cooking demo, sanctuary time with the animals, and playing the Veggie Olympics.

* Farm Sanctuary’s 2007 Walk for Farm Animals was our most successful ever, with 46 cities participating and thousands of walkers taking a stand against cruelty!

* Farm Sanctuary hosted two of our annual Critter Care Conferences this year. At both our California Shelter and our New York Shelter, participants learned all the “how-to’s” of starting a sanctuary, to help build Farm Sanctuary’s National Farm Animal Adoption Network and to provide additional response and care shelters for farm animals nationwide.

* Farm Sanctuary made our videos viral this year, uploading 22 investigative and informational videos to in 2007. To date, they have been viewed more than 200,000 times.


Farm Sanctuary is pleased to report taking in a total of 325 animals at our NY and CA shelters, in addition to finding “forever homes” for 266 more through our Farm Animal Adoption Network. Just a few of our newest residents who joined our flocks and herds in 2007 include:

* Seven Ducks and Five Chickens: Brooklyn Birds Find Refuge
* Eight “Spent” Hens Illuminate Horrors of Industrialized Egg Farms
* 49 Baby Chicks: Easter Dyed Peeps Come Home to Roost
* JD: Piglet Finds New Start and a Cozy Barn
* Joey: Brooklyn Goat Escapes Slaughter
* Lucky Lady: Gamble Pays off in Freedom
* 38 Turkey Peeps: Spared from Thanksgiving Tables
* Jade and Indigo: From Meth Lab/Cock-Fighting Ring to Sanctuary
* Allene, Dorothy and Cathy: Nightmare Over for Goats Rescued in Cruelty Case
* Maxine: Daring Dash in Queens Lands Renegade Cow at Sanctuary
* 30 Rescued Hens: Shedding Light on Horrors of New York City’s Live Markets
* Linus: Petting Zoo Refugee Finds a New Home at Sanctuary
* Emily, Dennis, Farley and Ogar: Piglets Endure Harrowing Start, Survive and Thrive
* Skye and Summer: Baby Goats Overcome Malnutrition
* Phoenix and Casey: Discarded Dairy Calves Bounce Back from Neglect
* Kohl, Harper and Burton: The Faces of Foie Gras
* Socks: Piglet Takes Literal Leap of Faith
* 10 Newborn Lambs: Survive Abandonment
* Nine Bantam Chickens: Rescued From Fire Escape in the City
* Thistle: Sheep Leaves Behind Thorny Past for Simpler Life at Sanctuary

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