DDB: 10,000 Addresses? No Sweat…That’s Only 2 Each!

January 24th, 2008 7:39 pm by Kelly Garbato

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From: Tammy Grimes, Dogs Deserve Better – tammy [at] dogsdeservebetter.org
Date: Jan 22, 2008 2:05 PM
Subject: 10,000 Addresses? No Sweat…That’s Only 2 Each!

10,000 Addresses? No Sweat…That’s Only 2 Each!


Meet my newest foster, Delilah (who rumor has it is considering me for her new mommy…she talks in her sleep when she’s snuggled up to me at night, and I swear I heard her say it!) She, like Riley who so many of you generously sponsored this Holiday Season, had been living on a chain without even the ability to see to relieve the daily boredom, loneliness, and yearly sojourn into Pennsylvania’s winter cold. For she’s blind.

Can you imagine even for a moment living your life on the end of a chain not able to see? How terrifying, and so helpless to even defend yourself against intruders.

Thanks to a network of Pennsylvania volunteers, Delilah is now free and loving her inside home and family here with me, even sharing in the Christmas joys with her siblings.


Sadly, her beagle friend remains on a chain at the home where she lived; he’s a ‘huntin’ dog’, and they would not release him. I have sent them a special letter offering fencing if he could come into the home to live with them, but have not heard back yet. He will be one of the 25 new addresses I am personally pledging for our 2008 Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Campaign. But I know there are hundreds of thousands more of them out there across America and Canada!

Beagle still there

I don’t need you to pledge 25, but I am asking each of you to send us just 2 ADDRESSES. If everyone on our list sends in 2 addresses, we will have well over 10,000 dogs receiving Valentines this year, and our 2008 HAVE A HEART FOR CHAINED DOGS campaign goal will be met and even exceeded!

To make it ‘more anonymous’ and easier than ever, I’ve put a form on the Valentine’s page where you can submit your addresses simply and quickly, and include pertinent information such as how many dogs live there and whether they are chained, penned, or in some cases, both.

Drive by chained dogs Daily? Weekly? Please get those addresses today!

Truly don’t see a chained dog anywhere near you? Consider making Valentines, sending coupons, or donating to cover the cost of the campaign.

Read this great article by Sandy Eckstein of the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the Valentine campaign: Some construction paper, glue and scissors could help a dog get a better life…

Hold On…A Look Back at DDB

This slideshow was put together by Aubrie Kavanaugh, a DDB supporter in Alabama. It’s a look back at our origins and how far we’ve come, and it really does touch my heart to see how everyone has pulled together to rescue so many dogs and give them the life they deserve.

Thank you, both to Aubrie for such a great production, and to every one of you who has reached out to a chained dog near you.

View the Slideshow Production on YouTube

Be Sure to Get the New Valentine Merchandise, Featuring Delilah!

Love Is…Rescuing a Dog

Our new Valentine art for 2008 is selling like crazy on shirts, sweatshirts, and all sorts of gift attire! Don’t miss out, and promote a wonderful cause this Valentine’s Day.

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PLEASE Join Dogs Deserve Better today! We have a chance to change the future. With your help, we can let the world know animal abuse MUST be taken seriously. Don’t sit back and let it happen. If we DON’T stand up, this practice WILL NOT END. Please get involved today.


Tammy Grimes
Founder, Dogs Deserve Better

Dogs Deserve Better | http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org | 877.636.1408 | P.O. Box 23 | Tipton | PA | 16684



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