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February 3rd, 2008 3:47 pm by mad mags

Yo! It’s time for another easyVegan Shout Out!

Colbert Report Shout-Out

This one’s to Mark Hawthorne, author of Striking at the Roots, who so graciously send me a copy to read and review panikhilfe herunterladen. (Thanks, Mark!)

I’m a bit behind the curve on this one – seems like everyone and their dogs have already read it (there’s even a Wiki entry!) – but I’m working on it and hope to have a review soon rollercoaster 2. I just got the book yesterday, and have already given it a few skim-throughs. Looks like a good read. (And the cover is super-cute, too!)

In the meantime, go check out some of Mark’s other stuff kostenlos kinderfilme downloaden legal ohne anmeldung. I recommend starting with Satya (rest in peace, my mostest favoritist animal lib magazine evah!) and then catching up on some of his more recent writings why can't you download all the series on netflix. (Ironically, there’s also a Mark Hawthorne who works as the Managing Director of McDonald’s. Unless Mark is going deep undercover, assume that they aren’t one in the same, and skip right through McD’s propagandtastic press releases.)

More info about Striking at the Roots after the jump kostenloser acrobat reader herunterladen.

“Like most people, I believe animal cruelty is wrong – but how can one person make a difference?”


January 7, 2008

US Contact:
Mark Hawthorne

UK Contact:
Catherine Harris
44 (0)1962-773762

Striking at the Roots

Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism shows how anyone can put their compassion into action

Nathan Runkle’s world was rocked the day activists handed him some literature explaining how billions of animals are treated every year in our society. “I had never heard of factory farming or vivisection or veal crates or battery cages,” he says. “I was shocked. I felt sick to my stomach.” Even at 11 years old, Nathan knew he had to do something about this injustice, and he did: He promptly stopped eating animals and then, four years later, established one of most active animal-rights groups in the United States.

Nathan is among more than 100 activists readers will meet in Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism. Concise and full of practical examples and resources, this manual for success demonstrates how many of the world’s most engaged advocates overcome obstacles, speak to the public, lobby policymakers, conduct corporate and restaurant outreach, deal with law enforcement, cope with stress and avoid burnout – all while keeping their eyes on the prize of achieving victories for animals.

Why a book on animal activism? When asked in a 2006 Label Networks survey which non-profit they are most interested in volunteering for, nearly 30% of respondents age 13 to 24 replied People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This was by a wide margin the most popular answer, indicating a strong interest among this demographic in being active for animals. Furthermore, when the same survey asked this group why they are not already active, the number-two open-ended answer was “I don’t know how to get started.”

Clearly, many people want to take action for animals but either don’t have the necessary knowledge or don’t know where to look for it. Now available from O Books, Striking at the Roots fills that void, bringing together the most effective tactics for speaking out for animals and giving voice to activists from around the globe, who explain why their models of activism have been successful – and how anyone can foster the growing awareness of animal abuse, inspire awakenings and help create changes for billions of lives every year.

Striking at the Roots will empower activists to make the most of their skills. From simple leafleting and tabling to shelter work and taking direct action, each chapter clearly explains where to begin, what to expect and how activists can ensure their message is heard.

Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism
By Mark Hawthorne
Foreword by Bruce Friedrich
Paperback, 304 pages, January 2008
$19.95 / ₤9.99
ISBN: 9781846940910
Published by O Books

More information can be found online at or at

Book reviewers/Interviewers: Please submit a request for review copy to catherine.harris[at]

About the Author

Mark Hawthorne adopted a vegetarian lifestyle soon after an encounter with one of India’s many cows in 1992 and went vegan a decade later. His writing has appeared in Satya, VegNews, Vegan Voice, Herbivore, Hinduism Today,, and daily newspapers across the US. He serves on the outreach advisory council for Animal Place, a farmed-animal sanctuary and education center in northern California. Much of Mark’s work is chronicled on his Web site,

Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism – now available!



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