Wherein CNN equates sexual assault with lust.

February 8th, 2008 11:59 pm by Kelly Garbato

Dear CNN Misogynist Douchebags Clueless Fuckwits, including but not limited to Tony Harris –

I cannot say why you saw fit to change your description of a sexual assault, perpetrated by six douchebag cops on a seemingly drunk and vulnerable woman, from SLINKY BABE + 6 COPS = TROUBLE” to “BEHAVING BADLY: POLICE STATION’S LUSTFUL LOBBY”, however, I have no illusions that you did so because this uppity cunt “fired off” a complaint to you last night. I don’t get the impression that you much care what your female viewership thinks about your “reporting” and “journalism.” Cunty 4 Hills, am I right bitchez?

2008-02-08 - CNN LOLZ Sexual Assault - 0002

Either way, you are a bunch of clueless fuckwits, particularly if you think that this morning’s headline is any better than last night’s. They both make an LOL out of a sexual assault situation, and while “SLINKY BABE + 6 COPS = TROUBLE” clearly blames the victim for her assault, “BEHAVING BADLY: POLICE STATION’S LUSTFUL LOBBY” implies that the assault was a simple case of horndogs behaving badly, rather than abusing their power by violating someone whom they’re supposed to be protecting. Wrong, wrong, fuck you, wrong, and did I say fuck you?

And are we sure that Tony Harris isn’t a closet MRA? Here he is, laughing after the segment aired on the CNN “Newsroom” this morning.

2008-02-08 - CNN LOLZ Sexual Assault - 0004

I mean holy shit, he can Barely! Hold! It! In!

2008-02-08 - CNN LOLZ Sexual Assault - 0005


Normal people don’t usually see sexual assault and gross abuses of power as occasions for a good tee-hee!. At least Heidi Collins looked sufficiently pissed off. Next time call him on his misogyny, sister.

With even lower regards than last night,

– Some sour cunt

PS – Liberal media my ass. CNN = Faux News Lite.

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