dental xtractshons, not sew funnah wen it be hapen 2 u.

March 26th, 2008 5:55 pm by mad mags

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After 15 years (15 years kostenlos schnittmuster downloaden! that’s, like, half my life!) of pissing and moaning, I’m finally getting my wisdom teeth yanked out tomorrow. I have no idea how long I’ll be out of commission, but Monday sounds about right labymod kostenlos downloaden. Of course, I’m probably just being a big whiny tittybaby.

Either way, I’ll see ya when I see ya.



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3 Responses to “dental xtractshons, not sew funnah wen it be hapen 2 u.”

  1. Vegan Says:

    Good luck – I’ll be thinking of you! :-)

  2. Kelly Says:

    kthanxbai! :)

    (i not b adicted 2 vikoden yet, but lolz b diff storee.)

  3. i can has soya ice creem now? » V for Vegan: Says:

    […] I’m back, mostly at least. The surgery went well; the laughing gas and sedatives knocked me on my arse more […]

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