Four pitter-patters short today.

April 21st, 2008 2:11 pm by Kelly Garbato

2008-04-15 - Enjoying the Sun - 0092

Send some doggy kisses and good wishes Rennie’s way; she’s at the vet’s today, having a cracked tooth extracted. This is the Year of the Dentist at the Garbato-Brady house; Shane & I had a bunch of work done, Peedee & Jayne just had a cleaning and scaling a few weeks ago, and next week Kaylee is slated to have three more teeth extracted – in additional to the six she had yanked last year.

Anyway, it’s mighty lonely round here without my little ladybug to follow me around. Even the four other little buggers can’t compensate – methinks they miss her too. (Either that, or they’re all afraid they might be the next to disappear.) Except for Peedee, who has a bit of a sibling rivalry thing with Ren. He seems to be enjoying the extra attention and snuggles. “Animals don’t have emotions,” my ass.



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