Stuff I learned from Freecycle ™: Color/Gender Coordination

June 16th, 2008 11:59 pm by mad mags

What follows are real listings from real Freecycle ™ lists. (Srsly, I am not making this shit up!) Identifying info omitted to protect the gender rigid among us.

new mom is struggling and has nothing for her new baby boy that is due in 6 wks i told her about the good things off free cycle and all the good people and the help that everybody tries to give to other people and it has helped me a great deal so anyway i have given her some things i had that is not pink and a bath tub but here is the list thanks to all.

Looking for a small TV that works and twin sheets for a little boy. (anything but pink).

I am in search of a decent SINGLE STROLLER- nothing fancy ccleaner mac download kostenlos. We have one of the $10 umbrella strollers & its great for concrete etc but we are needing something a little more sturdy & with bigger wheels (to handle gravel, mud, grass, and a chunky tot lol). We do alot of outdoor stuff so it would really get used! We are not particular about the brand or color. The main thing is that its not PINK as our munchkin is a BOY lol. Under the seat storage, a tray and a sunshade would be a plus.

Boys jacket – size 7 or 8 would be good herunterladen. My boys aren’t real crazy about wearing jackets their sisters outgrew that are pink and girly looking LOL

Hello. I am wanting / needing some Onesies- the “undershirt” or sleeper kind. Brand doesnt matter/ Preferably not PINK or Lavender as its for my Son ha ha. Size would be 18-24mos or so.

I am in need of crib sheets for a toddler bed. Boy or neutral colors no pink.

I need a toy box to organize my son’s toys since he is getting so much bigger herunterladen. I envision a plastic one such as the Little Tykes kind, but any will do really as long as it is in good shape and can be used for a boy (not pink).

WARNING: Exposure to the color pink will cause a male newborn or toddler’s penis to shrivel up and, in extreme cases, fall off altogether. To compensate, it’s highly likely that he will seek enjoyment in the penises of other males.

To mitigate this risk, males of all ages should only be outfitted in shades of blue, black, beige, or camo.

Remember: Better to let your little penis-swinger go nekkid in the winter, than to castrate him with a pink snowsuit. “Girly” is worse than “frostbitten” (or “dead from hypothermia”) herunterladen.

also looking for a halloween costume for my four year old. Spiderman, the hulk or any power rangers except the pink one.

Be careful not to succumb to the evils of Halloween, during which your son may want to “experiment” by “dressing up” in “girly” costumes. Today’s Pink Power Rangers equal tomorrow’s transsexuals.

I was SOOOOOOOOOO blessed to get some cloth diapers and covers however the covers I got are pink =) and although “I” think it will look cute DH says we can’t put them on the boy only the girl lol. SO if anyone has any extra boyish or neutral covers or even more girl covers I would be glad to take them off your hands. I can’t even find them in any stores so I don’t even know where to buy them = spiel mir das lied vom tod kostenlos downloaden? …………….

Mothers: as if the threat of emasculating your newborn isn’t enough to scare you into gender compliance, your husband will render a severe beating if you so much as think of swaddling his phallic extension in pink.

Wanted: Port a crib, disney princess these things or pink girly girl things for girls room,

We just painted my daughter’s room lavender, and would love some matching bedding to complete. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

I have two girls who share a room and I recently gave away all their baby furniture to someone else in need, as my girls were outgrowing it. I am now looking for things with which I can decorate their room including matching bedding, curtains, wall decor, paint, border, or anything else anyone could help with, including ideas.

My girls will eventually have twin beds and love the colors pink and purple, as well as the Disney Princesses, Barbie, or anthing else that is really girly.

I am currently looking for bedroom decor for my 4 yr old dd. I just painted her room a very pretty purple on tues and i am looking for a new comforter/quilt (twin size) bed set to go in her room as well as something girly for decorations like butterflies,fairies,flowers something along those lines.

We are also in need of twin size sheets and/or sets. I have an 11 year old son that is really into sports, and 2 little girls that have a pink and white room.

I am looking for some nice clothes for my daughter that are the in style. lol She wears a size 15/16 Jr. Her fave color is pink.

As a corollary, girls exposed to MANLY colors such as blue, black, gray or beige may develop facial hair and Thatchers. Most likely they will grow into lesbian feminist anarchist blamers. Swathing their bodies and environments in pink, purple, red, yellow and assorted pastels will help ease them into their infantile feminine adult gender roles. To further ensure conformity, supply them with Barbies, Skippers and Dream Homes as soon as possible.




Also, when faced with a scarcity of educational items, preference should always be given to teh menz in the house. But that’s another lesson for another day.

We are in need of curtains, prefer masculine colors and design. Sorry girls but he is in his thirties and not into pinks and flowers. Have ten windows, five per room in need of curtains and curtain rods.

I need a beach towel for my husband… anything that’s not pink or cartoon characters….

Again, even though the adult male penis is fully formed, exposure to the color pink will cause it to shrivel up and fall off. Ditto, Minnie Mouse, Eeyore and petunias. Only silly wimminfolk may be exposed to childish indulgences such as cartoons and flowers without consequences, dontchaknow.

Probably because we’re only a step removed from infants as it is.

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