The Animals Voice: Stop The U.S. Government From Shooting Thousands of Wild Horses

July 8th, 2008 4:09 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 2:13 PM
Subject: Stop The U.S. Government From Shooting Thousands of Wild Horses

Equine Plight | Proposed Wild Horse Shoot

The U.S. Government is considering a plan to shoot thousands of wild horses

We’ve been battling the issue for years: saving wild horses from death in one form or another. We are asked to believe they are starving to death on the public range and need to be managed and controlled for their own good. We are asked to believe they are dying of thirst due to drought conditions in the West (despite that cattle have no trouble finding water sources). We are asked to believe wild horses are competing with “native” wildlife or endangered species and must be removed from public lands to protect the ecosystems.

And now we’re being asked to believe that the high cost of taking care of unadoptable wild horses is just more than the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) can bear (in 2008, less than 5% of BLM’s wild horse and burro program budget was allocated to herd management on the range, with the remaining 95% allocated to captures, holding and placement).

But these have never been the core root of the wild horse problem. Unfortunately, the above reasons HAVE been the truths even wild horse defenders have come to believe — but they are not. They aren’t even close to the truth.

Here’s the truth in a nutshell: Only so many hooved animal are allowed on public land per acre. Wildlife species like deer, antelope, elk, etc., are allowed to remain on public lands because preserving and killing them (they’re often preserved so they CAN be killed) makes somebody somewhere lots of money; in this case, the U.S. government (hunting license fees, wildlife management programs, etc.). Cattle, sheep and other domestic livestock are allowed to remain on public lands because raising them there is cheap for livestock growers and it makes the U.S. government money in the form of public lands grazing fees, not to mention that it makes livestock growers money on livestock sales.

But the wild horse doesn’t make anyone anywhere a single dime to remain on public lands — and since there’s only so much room on public land for so many hooved animals, the ones not making money are to be removed — under any excuse the government can find to justify the removals.

PLEASE READ THIS: A Study in Wild Horse Mismanagement. This article will sum up for everyone what is actually happening on public lands regarding wild horses — but still it doesn’t fully explain WHY.


Knowledge is power. By knowing this, we can find the solution to the wild horse problem that doesn’t involve shooting them.

What IS the solution? To return all those unadoptable wild horses back to the public domain and to stop the roundups. More privately owned cattle and more privately owned sheep on public land paid for by the U.S. taxpayer is NOT the solution. Of course, that won’t sit well with the government because it won’t be receiving money in the form of hunting licenses or grazing fees if more horses are on the land and fewer cattle.

ANOTHER SOLUTION: Wild horse defenders can purchase the “grazing fees” — if you will — so that WE control what happens on those allotments of public land. Someone out there who loves wild horses and has the ability to make a sizeable donation can purchase a grazing allotment (or many) — and then return wild horses to the wild. Are you that someone? Do you know anyone who could be that someone? And then let’s make a media event out of it.

Yes, let’s make the media know about it. Tell the following newsworthy people:

Alert Oprah Winfrey to this tragedy. She needs to hear from thousands of us urging her to feature our wild horses, American icons, on her show. Contact CNN’s Anderson Cooper and tell him why you want your wild horses returned to the wild.

Please also contact your U.S. Representative, your two U.S. Senators, and Rep. Nick Rahall, Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. To locate your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators, visit and enter your zip code.

Whatever you do: do NOT believe the government’s excuses. And do NOT think for a second that the wild horse problem in America is anything short of the Almighty Dollar. To believe otherwise is to cost the wild horse its freedom and rightful place on the American landscape.

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