“Thanks for nothing, you phoney!”

August 4th, 2008 11:59 pm by Kelly Garbato

Ugh. Just, ugh.

It seems like another lifetime ago, but remember all the fuss about Michigan and Florida?

After those states held their primaries in violation of Democratic Party rules, the party cracked down on them and said their delegates would not have a voice at the national convention in Denver. Then in May, the rules committee agreed to let their delegates have half a vote each.

Now Senator Barack Obama, the party’s presumptive nominee, has asked the credentials committee to let the two states have full voting rights at the convention after all.

The request is likely to be granted since it comes from the all-but-certain nominee, who now controls the party apparatus. […]

The status of the two states was an explosive issue throughout much of the primary season. Back then, the Obama camp was on the other side, arguing that the two states broke the rules by moving up their primaries and should be punished.

His chief rival, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, had received more votes in both states but Mr. Obama had taken his name off the ballot in Michigan, and neither campaigned in Florida.

Mrs. Clinton had campaigned fiercely for the delegates in Florida and Michigan to be given full voting status, hoping this would legitimize their primaries, which in turn might bolster her argument that she had won more popular votes than Mr. Obama. Still, she trailed him in delegates, which is the standard by which the nominee is chosen.

What is there to say, really? Clinton’s attempt to seat Florida and Michigan’s delegates after initially agreeing that they wouldn’t count – and after it became clear that she needed them to win – was a huge plate of self-serving hypocrisy. As is Obama’s call to seat the delegates, after initially opposing Clinton’s efforts to do, now that he’s the presumptive nominee.

You know, now that their “votes” don’t. fucking. matter.

Back in January,

Barack Obama’s campaign manager says it seems like Clinton “will do or say anything to win an election.”

Rubber and glue, asshole. Rubber and glue.

Incidentally, it’s becoming harder and harder to paint McCain’s constant flip-flopping as a negative when Obama’s off doing more of the same. Grrrr….

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