Kinship Circle: ACT/ Hormel’s Pigs: Slammed, Cut, Spray-painted

September 19th, 2008 4:22 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Subject: ACT/ Hormel’s Pigs: Slammed, Cut, Spray-painted


Dear Kinship Circle Primary,

In case you missed our first note… We apologize again for the lack of advocacy alerts during hurricane season. After returning from New Orleans to assist with animal evacuations in Hurricane Gustav, Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Aid Network continues to manage volunteers for MuttShack Animal Rescue, to aid animals affected in Hurricane Ike. Thank you for your patience. Kinship Circle

9/17/08: Hormel’s Pigs: Slammed, Cut, Spray-painted

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Kinship Circle - 2008-09-18 - Hormel's Pigs - Slammed, Cut, Spray-painted 01

A sow with an open sore on her nose from an apparent beating with a metal gate rod.

Kinship Circle - 2008-09-18 - Hormel's Pigs - Slammed, Cut, Spray-painted 02

An employee sprayed paint — for over 30 seconds — into the nostrils of a nursing sow.


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PETA WRITES: Since Hormel has been receiving so many emails because of this investigation, you might receive a bounce-back email from the company.

Hormel Foods Corporation
Consumer Response
1 Hormel Pl. / Austin, MN 55912
ph: 1-800-523-4635
web mail:
web mail:

Jeffrey M. Ettinger, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
Brian Stevens, Director of Pork Procurement, Hormel Foods

Media Contacts / Corporate Information
media [at], Katy.Hendrickson [at], brands [at]

Hormel Foods International Corporation:
dllongacre [at], lgmarconi [at], evcastillo [at], hotolentino [at], smartin [at], malilly [at], stephenw [at], sienna [at], bibik [at], rarogers [at], msforbes [at], rszabo [at], sneufeldt [at]

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Dear Hormel Foods Corporation:

I commend your zero-tolerance stance on animal abuse. I urge Hormel Foods Corporation, its international division, and all factions to take this policy to heart.

As you are aware, a 9/16/08 video depicts workers at a Hormel supplier in Iowa who batter pigs with metal gate rods. One supervisor thrusts a cane into a sow’s vagina and smacks her back some 17 times. Clothespins and fingers are poked into pigs’ eyes and faces. Piglet’s heads are crushed against a floor and they’re tossed into a bin to die. An obese worker clobbers a sow’s back and reportedly sits on the animal’s head. Another beats a piglet’s face with the rim of a herding board, a method that
investigators saw repeatedly. An employee even spray paints the nostrils of a nursing sow.

“Beat on the bitch. Make her cry,” a supervisor advises, as he kicks a young pig’s face, abdomen and genitals. The dismissive nature of these workers indicates their cruelty is commonplace. How can Hormel monitor this single supplier — let alone all its producers, transporters, and other employees — when egregious violence toward animals is routine?

I respectfully suggest you begin with the prompt termination and criminal prosecution of workers implicated this video, along with any employees who neglect or hurt animals. Please require all Hormel suppliers to comply with basic animal welfare standards such as phasing out gestation crates. It is widely known breeding sows cannot move in these cruel confinement systems where they endure months-long pregnancy cycles.

In addition, Hormel can immediately install video surveillance cameras at factory farms. I also encourage you to take the “factory” out of farms by advocating a more natural environment. Currently, pigs are denied space, sunlight, straw bedding, mud baths or anything intrinsic to pigs.

Please put some action behind the words in “Hormel Foods Position on Humane Handling.”

Thank you,




Undercover Investigation Reveals Hormel Supplier’s Abuse of Pigs

Hormel Foods Position on Humane Handling


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2 Responses to “Kinship Circle: ACT/ Hormel’s Pigs: Slammed, Cut, Spray-painted”

  1. Alora Hager Says:

    This made me cry, God who would do such a thing?! I want to help with the cause…but i dont know how, :/

  2. Kelly G. Says:

    Alora – The single most effective action you can take to help end the suffering of “food” animals is to go vegan, if you haven’t already.

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