Dogs Deserve Better Holiday Activism Tip: Trick or Treat for DDB!

September 28th, 2008 9:06 pm by Kelly Garbato

In the latest Dogs Deserve Better newsletter, PR Liason Dawn Ashby offers this special Halloween fundraising tip:

Trick or Treat for DDB!

If you and your children will be out “trick or treating” this year, have the kids create a donation box or bucket for Dogs Deserve Better. When knocking on doors ask the homeowner if he/she would like to donate to help dogs as you hold up the bucket and hand them a brochure.

Whoever raises the most money and sends it in will be the lucky recipient of a “Puddles Pak” for their own “Puddle’s Party”! Whether you knock on doors, have a party at school, visit relatives, have an alternative to trick or treating party at church, it’s a fun way to raise money and get brochures into the hands of people. Or just create your own donation bucket and ask the local gas station or convenience store if you can place it on the counter through the month of October.

If you are interested, please email kim [at] and tell her how many brochures you will need along with your address. When donations are raised, send them to

PO Box 23,
Tipton, PA 16684

with the amount raised and a picture/letter.

Now my mind is reeling with ideas I can put a costume on my dogs and take them “trick or treating” for donations! Be inventive and help raise money for the dogs.

Of course, this is also a great strategy to raise money for your favorite animal advocacy organization: dress up your dog or cat in her evening best (important note: only if she is amenable, and only if) to solicit donations for a local animal shelter or rescue group, or go full Halloween and dress her up as “farmed animal” in order to raise money for a farm animal sanctuary such as Farm Sanctuary or Woodstock FAS. Get creative – who can resist a cute mutt, hmmmm?

If you’ll be the one handing out candy this Hallow’s Eve, here’s another idea: order some vegetarian starter kits or recipe booklets to hand out to trick-or-treaters with your (vegan) Halloween candy. That way, the little ones are happy, and you get to distribute some free swag – from the comfort of your own home, even. Win/win!



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