SHARK Again Targets Pigeon Shoots

October 5th, 2008 11:16 am by Kelly Garbato

The following action alert was featured in SHARK’s October 1st newsletter:

Pennsylvania – Last State to Allow Pigeon Shoots

It has been a dozen years since SHARK attended a pigeon shoot. After knocking this most cowardly of killing contests out of Illinois, we worked for a while in Pennsylvania, where we were initially introduced to the issue. SHARK figured that pigeon shoots would soon be made illegal, as other groups closer to PA continued to work on the issue.

Unfortunately, the immoral disease of pigeon shoots persists in Pennsylvania, and SHARK can no longer ignore these killing orgies. Especially now that the internet is as pervasive as it is, we believe that SHARK’s approach of graphically documenting abuse, and of often publicly identifying the abusers will have a major impact on these killing orgies. We already have two videos up on YouTube exposing pigeon shoots, see videos below:

NRA, Ku Klux Klan Support Pigeon Shoots

GRAPHIC – Live Pigeon Shoots in PA

Many of those involved in pigeon shoots are well-to-do professionals from cities. These depraved, insecure little men (and some women) have an insatiable thirst for blood, and since they are too cowardly to take on anyone their own size, they go after the most unthreatening, inoffensive animals they can find — pigeons — which come from the family of doves, birds of peace.

The battle against pigeon shoots involves much more than a relatively small number of cowardly, genetic and moral rejects who gun down half pound birds tossed out of boxes. The real “Sugar Daddy” of Pennsylvania’s pigeon shoots is the National Rifle Association (NRA). It is the NRA that is successfully persuading some of PA lawmakers to allow these killing contests to continue.

Legislation is pending in the Pennsylvania House (H.B. 2130) to ban this atrocity with 50 co-sponsors. Unfortunately, House Majority Leader William DeWeese is refusing to bring the bill up for a vote. The Pennsylvania legislative session is almost over and action is needed now to pass this legislation.

What You Can Do:

Please contact (even if you don’t live in Pennsylvania) Representative William DeWeese and ask that he allow H.B. 2130 to be voted on:

Representative William DeWeese
Capitol Office: 717-783-3797
wdeweese [at]

You can find out more (and sign up for SHARK’s email list) at and



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