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October 15th, 2008 11:00 pm by Kelly Garbato

Action Alerts

Forest Ethics / Do Not Mail: Turn this Halloween green!
Halloween isn’t just about spooky ghosts and goblins — it’s a day to show off your creativity and share your values. That’s why we’re calling on our Do Not Mail supporters like you to turn this Halloween green. Join ForestEthics as we transform this sweet-filled holiday into an opportunity to spread the bitter truth about junk mail.

Ocean Conservancy: Sign our Letter to the Gulf Council – Urge them to Halt their Offshore Aquaculture Plan
Salmon farming has taught us a lot about the risks involved with offshore aquaculture. With so many fish packed closely together in open ocean cages, disease is much more likely. Without a doubt, some fish escape and transfer these diseases, such as contagious sea lice, to wild populations where the affects can be devastating. Studies show that some salmon populations may go extinct and most wild fish populations are declining in areas where salmon farming occurs. Sadly, the fish farming plan proposed by Gulf fishery managers fails to protect against these substantial risks and many others. We need strong and smart national standards that will protect every part of our ocean BEFORE aquaculture moves forward in the Gulf … or any of our nation’s waters.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Write a Letter to the Editor Urging Your Community to Boycott Circus Cruelty
Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper can educate countless readers and get them thinking about this important issue. Letters are a simple and effective way to spread the word! Please take a moment to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper educating readers about Ringling’s horrific treatment of animals and urging people to shun the circus. Speak from the heart, and ask people not to support circus cruelty.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): URGENT: Animals at Anson Animal Control Shelter in Texas Need Your Voice
PETA has received reports from local residents in Anson, Texas, who claim that animals in the city’s custody are routinely neglected by being denied access to potable drinking water, nutritious food, and clean and healthy housing. Some residents claim to have witnessed the violent shooting of a dog at the Anson Animal Control Shelter (AACS). We have been told that the dog was friendly and wagging his tail when he was shot by city officials. A local witness also reported that a puppy recently died at AACS and was left to decompose in a kennel for two entire days in full view of living animals.

Save the Manatee Club: Citizens Urged: Report Endangered Manatee Sightings to Ensure Timely Rescues
If you are a resident of Maryland, North Carolina, Rhode Island, or any eastern state north of Florida, please report manatee sightings to your local wildlife officials.

Campaign Updates

United Poultry Concerns (UPC): Oprah Winfrey on Farmed Animals, October 14, 2008
Tuesday’s Oprah Winfrey Show brought attention to the horrific plight of battery-caged hens, crated veal calves, and pregnant sows confined in metal stalls. The rallying point was California’s Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, or Proposition 2, on the November ballot. Proposition 2 would require that these animals be given enough confinement space to stand up, lie down, and extend their limbs without bumping into other animals, walls or bars.


Tom’s of Maine (via American Rivers): Share Your River Story and You Could Win a Hybrid
Every community has people who are committed to taking care of our water. If you or someone you know is one of those people, here’s your chance to tell us about it. Submit an original video by October 31, 2008 showing your activities and why you think it’s important to take care of rivers. The winner will win a Prius!


Vegan Outreach: E-Newsletter, Oct. 15, 2008
Tick-Tock — World’s Most Amazing Newsletter Coming!

VegCooking.com: Recipe of the Week, October 15, 2008
‘Cheesy’ Potato Casserole


Save Africa’s Great Cats and Rare Canids

Greenhouse Gases Endanger our Health and Welfare!

Don’t Repeal the Stream Buffer Zone Rule

Upcoming Events

Farm Sanctuary: New York and California Celebrations FOR the Turkeys, Saturday November 22, 2008
Celebrate a compassionate Thanksgiving by joining the Farm Sanctuary staff and farm animal residents at our New York and California Shelters for our annual Thanksgiving Celebration FOR the Turkeys – a very special holiday tradition that everyone, especially the turkeys, will enjoy!


invisible voices: Blog Action Day – Poverty

Vegan Bits: Oprah – Proposition 2

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2 Responses to “easyVegan Link Sanctuary, 2008-10-15”

  1. Matt D. Says:

    I’m with you on most things and enjoy reading your site, but trying to turn Halloween into a holiday for the Do Not Mail registry is downright silly. It’s a holiday for kids and trying to make it something political is just wrong.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I don’t disagree, Matt – I thought that was an odd tie-in for them.

    Although, the pumpkin idea is intriguing; nothing wrong with throwing one political/activist pumpkin in with the pirate and smiley-faced ones. Especially for those of us who don’t *have* kids :)

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