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October 20th, 2008 5:15 pm by Kelly Garbato


The easyVegan Link Sanctuary is a near-daily roundup of animal and environmental advocacy news, action alerts, carnivals, events and resources. This link roundup is meant as a jumping-off point for you, the reader, to take further action and learn more about the issues presented here. I link, you decide!

If you have a resource you’d like included, please drop me a line at easyvegan [at] gmail.com – or leave it in the comments! Feedback is also appreciated, particularly as it relates to the links included below. I’ve tried my best to identify and name any speciesism, sexism, racism, classism, homophobia, sizeism, etc. which may appear in the resources listed; if, however, I’ve overlooked something, please leave a note in the comments. It’s not my desire to fight one form of oppression by engaging in another.

Action Alerts

DawnWatch: Shocking hen footage on ABC prepares us for California’s prop 2 — 10/13/08
With California’s Proposition 2 aimed at banning battery cages for hens, as well as crates for veal calves and sows, Dan Noyes’s ABC 7 report showing undercover footage from a California egg farm could not have come at a better time.

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Did You Know That Your Tax Dollars Still Fund Nicotine Experiments On Animals?
Since 2002 alone, the NIH has spent at least $16.5 million to conduct nicotine experiments on pregnant and newborn animals. This appalling figure does not reflect the total cost of all nicotine research on animals, which numbers far higher, but only that which focuses on nicotine’s effect on fetal and newborn development.

In Defense of Animals (IDA): Help Send Lucky to a Sanctuary!; San Antonio Zoo elephant is held in cruel isolation
Lucky desperately needs your help. She’s a 48-year-old female Asian elephant who has been living alone at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas since the death of her companion, Alport, almost one year ago. Female elephants are intensely social, making her solitary confinement especially cruel.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Texas Couple Allegedly Leaves Their Chained Dog to Rot! Demand Justice!
PETA has closely monitored the heartbreaking case of Shepp, the German shepherd whom Corpus Christi residents Daniel and Norma Luna allegedly chained and left to rot for over a month without food or water. According to news reports, Shepp—whose undersized collar had become embedded in his neck—had been left lying on the concrete driveway for so long, struggling to get up, that he developed a large wound that exposed the bone in his shoulder. Although Shepp was taken into custody by local officials, he reportedly did not survive.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) / The Cancer Project: USDA National School Lunch Program Petition
On October 9 we took a monumental step forward to protect our kids. The Cancer Project, PCRM’s affiliate organization, filed a formal petition with the U.S. Department of Agriculture demanding a halt to the distribution of hot dogs and other processed meats to our nation’s children through the National School Lunch Program. These products have been shown to increase the risk of cancer in adulthood.

PCRM plans to file two law suits protecting consumers from fraudulent business practices where consumers are not warned about the increased risk of cancer from eating grilled chicken or hot dogs.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF): Tell Europe to show leadership on climate change
The EU is now debating laws which aim to cut emissions across Europe. The problem is that the proposed cuts are nowhere near sufficient to account for Europe’s responsibility in addressing climate change. If other developed countries followed this lead, we would not make the cuts we need globally. The decisions the EU is making will set the level of ambition for future international negotiations, where world leaders will come together to agree a long-term solution to climate change. No matter where we live, we all need Europe to show leadership.


Carnival of the Green #150 @ The Good Human

VeganMoFo: The Vegan Month of Foods, October 2008


PETA2: Free Stuff Friday: New Cut Class, Not Frogs Shirt
To enter to win, comment below with one word you would use to describe how you feel about dissections. This contest ends October 31, 2008 and one winner will be chosen and notified that same day since it’s the last day of “Cut Out Dissection” month!


Compassion Over Killing (COK): Compassionate Action, October 20, 2008
eNews: VegDC.com winners, Vegan A Go-Go, Egg Factory Exposed

In Defense of Animals (IDA): IDA eNews: 10-17-08
News & Features

New American Dream: New Dream News, Issue No. 60, October 17, 2008
Bottled Water: The Standard of Purity?

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS): Greentips: September 2008
A Greener Oil Change


Protect the Habitat of Endangered Beluga Whales NOW!

Thank American Humane for Their Help With Horse Abuse Case

Stand Strong Against Senator McCain’s Anti-Environment Rhetoric!

Urge MSNBC To Make Sarah Palin’s Wolf Killing Policies Public!

PETCO: Do Not Squeeze Out Rescue Groups!

Stop Cat Mutilations and Murder in San Antonio

Edgar County Animal Shelter is a Death house for Dogs

Help save my dogs from Broward County dog law!



Save Gauley Mountain

Upcoming Events

World GO VEGAN Days, October 25-31, 2008
IDA’s World GO VEGAN Days exists to educate people about the vegan lifestyle, a compassionate way of eating and living. Veganism is a healthy choice that shows love and respect for animals, the environment and you. Promoting veganism through outreach events and the media, we know that our annual World GO VEGAN Days is helping make the word “vegan” a household term, universally recognized as meaning love and compassion for all living beings.

Fur Free Friday, November 28, 2008
Autumn is here, and “fashionistas” everywhere are buying, selling, or writing about fall wardrobes. Don’t forget an essential day in the fall “fashion season” – Fur Free Friday! Join us again this year as we urge shoppers to never buy fur, stores to stop selling fur, and media fashion writers to reveal the truth behind fur.


The Daily Green: 6 Food Labels That Could Deceive You (h/t, Vegan Soapbox)

Invisible Voices: Harley and Piglet

Vegan Bits: Buyer Beware

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