Passive-Aggressive Proselytizing

October 20th, 2008 11:59 pm by mad mags

Last month, I gave away 100 or so bags of apples through freecycle. I think we divvied ’em up between five people, give or take. Everyone was rather nice and thanked us for the free food; one woman, heavy into canning and food preservation, even brought us a few jars of homemade salsa and apple butter, which was super cool of her iso datei herunterladen.

A few weeks ago, I received a thank you card in the mail, from the last woman to pick up a load of apples. “What a nice gesture,” I thought, “I’ll have to keep her in mind for next year.” The sentiment lasted all of 30 seconds, until I actually opened the letter, only to find a Christian tract tucked inside sims 3 für mac kostenlos.

Incidentally, the pamphlet was well-worn and even had a stain on the inside panel. Um…way to represent your God?

2008-09-26 - Passive-Aggressive Proselytizing on Freecycle

My initial inclination was to ignore the incident, but it was still bugging me last week whatsapp hintergrund herunterladen. You see, I own the freecycle list in question, and proselytizing is strictly against the rules. I could have given her the boot, but I didn’t really think that kicking her out of the group would help her to better understand just how intolerant, intrusive and presumptuous her proselytizing is kanalenlijst dreambox downloaden.

So instead, I grabbed some “propaganda materials” from http://www.venganza.orgtwo brochures and three flyers – stuffed ’em in a festive green envelope, and mailed them without comment brenner kostenlos herunterladen.

The packet went out Wednesday; I expect the army of missionaries to arrive any day now.

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