Witches and leopards and piggies, oh my!

October 31st, 2008 10:12 am by Kelly Garbato

Happy Halloween, peoples. Shane and will be spending the day watching horror movies, good and bad (think Black Sheep and Poultrygeist), and chowing down on all manner of vegan junk food. (I’ll post the food porn in all its sugary goodness tomorrow, in my final VeganMoFo post.)

I spent a few hours last week harassing the dogs with Halloween costumes and such (any excuse to dress up the furkids, right?); and, since I wouldn’t want their suffering to be for naught, here are the requisite festive holiday photos.

Last year, I dressed everyone up as pirates and pumpkins. Not wanting to reuse the old costumes (oh no, that would be embarrassing, right?), I mixed it up a little this year.

I only had one new Halloween outfit – a witch’s hat with black and orange pigtails – so everyone took a spin in the witch’s costume:

2008-10-28 - Ozzy the Witch - 0005

2008-10-28 - Ralphie the Witch - 0001

2008-10-28 - Peedee the Witch - 0014

2008-10-28 - O-Ren the Witch - 0009

2008-10-28 - Kaylee the Witch - 0009

2008-10-28 - Jayne the Witch - 0007

That’s Ozzy, Ralphie, Peedee, O-Ren, Kaylee and Jayne. Yup, even the kitteh got in on the action this year. (I smell some lol cats in teh works!)

The boys also posed as cheesy tourists; all that’s missing are a few gaudy fanny packs:

2008-10-28 - Ozzy the Tourist - 0006

2008-10-28 - Ralphie the Tourist - 0003

2008-10-28 - Peedee the Tourist - 0001

(Peedee rocked the ’80s sunglasses and tropical visor look, if you ask me.)

While two of the girls – Rennie and Kaylee – dressed up as sad little leopards:

2008-10-28 - O-Ren the Leopard - 0023

2008-10-28 - Kaylee the Leopard - 0001

Of course, I had to squeeze my little O-Ren – the “baby pig” to Kaylee’s “mama sow” – into a piglet outfit, courtesy of her grandmother:

2008-10-28 - O-Ren the Piglet - 0004

Yes, it’s a little small on her; who wouldathunk that a 15-pound dog would be too big for a size small pig suit, hmmm?

Finally, Miss Kaylee, the “mature” woman of the bunch, made for a stunning Wonder Woman:

2008-10-28 - Kaylee as Wonder Woman - 0014

She’s sporting my old Wonder Woman undershirt, which is pushing 25 years old now. Unfortunately, I’ve long since lost the underwear, which was blue with white stars and red trim. So cute!

So what are your kiddos doing/being for Halloween?




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