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November 3rd, 2008 3:57 pm by Kelly Garbato

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Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 12:05 AM
Subject: ACT/ His Name Was Peanut


10/31/08: His Name Was Peanut – Torture And Death Of A Puppy
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2008-10-31 - Kinship Circle - His name was Peanut

His name was Peanut and he was cute, cuddly, loyal, loveable….


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ATTN: Registrar of the Mackay Court
Mackay Magistrates Court
PO Box 104
Mackay Queensland 4740 (DX 41353)
ph: (07) 4967 0711
fax: (07) 4953 1476
email: courthouse.mackay [at]

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SAMPLE LETTER — **NOTE: This sample letter is longer than usual as we are disturbed by the particularly sadistic and violent nature of this crime. We hope you’ll shorten it and make some of its words your own.


Mackay Magistrates Court:

Citizens worldwide are sickened by the drawn-out torture of Peanut, the 7-month fox terrier abducted from Danielle and Karen Neilson’s Moranbah home in Queensland on October 20, 2008.

I understand Trent William Cunniffe, 24, has been sent to Mackay Base Hospital’s psychiatric ward and won’t face charges until deemed mentally stable. If his case is assigned to the Mental Health Court, it could be deferred for as long as a year.

His accomplice Jonathon Connor Blake, 21, also undergoes psychiatric evaluation at Capricornia Correctional Centre in Rockhampton. I thank officials for remanding these men in custody. Yet I hope both are ordered to enter pleas, without delay, to charges of animal cruelty, illegally stealing and killing an animal, property damage, and possession of marijuana.

I urge rigorous prosecution. Please seek the maximum penalty allowed under Queensland’s Animal Care and Protection Act, including a $75,000 fine and two years’ incarceration.

As you know, RSPCA officers consider Peanut’s prolonged mutilation to be among the most grisly incidents in Australian history. Even police were repelled when they viewed videophone images of the ordeal. Apparently, the puppy wails as the men slash him with garden shears and a pocketknife — severing his nose, a front leg, rear leg and finally, his head. During the video’s last segment, Peanut’s amputated body parts are displayed.

Cunniffe and Blake exhibit serious indicators for recurring violence. Randall Lockwood — an ASPCA animal behaviorist who consults with cruelty investigators, law enforcers and mental health professionals — describes violence against non-threatening creatures as a precursor to assaulting children, the elderly or disabled.

Cunniffe and Blake’s elongated assault let them observe Peanut’s agony and suggests they find intimate violence (stabbing and mangling, rather than remote violence such as shooting) pleasurable. Their documentation of the dog in unbearable pain signifies a desire to re-live the “thrill.” Mutilation is almost always linked with an unrealistic sense of power.

Men prosecuted for animal cruelty are five times as likely to be arrested for other violent crimes, according to Utah State University professor Frank Ascione. Please advocate stringent penalties with full-term confinement. Both offenders should be barred from contact with animals.

The dismemberment of a living being is merciless. It also serves as a yardstick to measure probability of a repeat offense. I look forward to any case updates you can provide.

Thank you,




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16 Responses to “Kinship Circle: ACT/ His Name Was Peanut”

  1. Pia Sørensen Says:

    Put them in a prison for a long time, and may the burn in hell.

  2. Ulla Henriksen Says:

    I´m sorry, and can´t understand why people can be so cruel.
    I hope this people wil got there justice, and i´m sorry, but I hate them with all my heart.

  3. Pia Schrøder Says:

    They are sick. Put them away forever. I hope they get what they deserve.

  4. M. Jørgensen Says:

    This is one of the most discutsing thing i have heard in a long time and if those two boys arent convicted . there is somethign completely wrong with the world.,it makes me sick. ,

  5. Lis Borring, Animals Protest Says:

    now its enough

    Im ashamd to be a’ human person

  6. Vicki Larsen Says:

    i would LOVE to do the same thing to them !!
    How can people be so CRUEL ??!!

    Put them away forever.. !!

  7. lis Andreasen Says:

    Put them to jail for long time.

  8. Ruth Egerod Says:

    Why are some people so cruel – why???

  9. Stine Pedersen Says:

    Sick, sick, sick! My stomach turns! They should have the same done to them!

  10. Helle Nielsen Says:

    Put them in jail, and send the key to Australia

  11. PIA SØRENSEN Says:

    They are sick

  12. Jette Gram Qvade Says:

    Let those people get the same treatment, as they did with that poor dog. What sick, sick people, they should not walk on this earth.

  13. Merete Carlsen Says:

    I am crying for the dog
    Make the same to this gays,as the did to the dog

  14. Puk, Denmark Says:

    Those people er sick! They should be in jail and some kind of treatment!

  15. Freddy Maagaard Says:

    ohhh some times I am getting so tired and sad to be human.

  16. Kelly Says:

    Just a friendly suggestion to all those who have stopped by: please channel your anger and outrage into writing polite letters to the Australian official(s) listed above, urging them to prosecute Peanut’s killers to the fullest extent of the law.

    And, if you haven’t already, please go veg. “Food” animals – pigs, cows, horses, whales, chickens, deer, etc. – are tortured and murdered by the billions, for no reason other than human preference and convenience. These “food animals – sentient beings, them all – are not all that different from “companion animals” such as Peanut.

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