Save-a-Turkey Day: T minus 12 days and counting!

November 15th, 2008 5:07 pm by mad mags

Holy Rover. I glanced at the calendar this morning and realized that Save-a-Turkey Day is less than two weeks away…and I’ve yet to settle upon a Tofurky recipe ballerspiele ab 16 kostenlosen!

I usually stick with the classic soy sauce and OJ baste recipe, but last year I got all adventurous and tried out the Caramelized Onion and Cherry Relish roast, which was super yummy apps zum musiken kostenlos. Coming off of VeganMoFo, I think I might feel like a bit of a cheat if I don’t try something different magix 17 download kostenlos. But what? Did I mention that I’m a super-annoying-fussy eater?

The good peoples at Turtle Island Foods have really “beefed” up the selection of Tofurky recipes available on their website sql 2012. In addition to the old standbys, there are recipes for a Maple-Pecan Tofurky Roast, South of the Border Tofurky Bake, Yam Good Cranberry Tofurky, Tofurky Wellington, Ginger-Garlic Tofurky, Deep Fried Tofurky, Pomegranate/Cranberry Tofurky, Crock Pot Tofurky with Cranberry Onion sauce, and Tofurky a la King, as well as recipes for chili, stew, gumbo, pizza and gravy (!) wo kann ich die google play store app downloaden. If you try searching the Google for additional recipes, you’ll find that many of Turtle Island Foods’ concoctions are echoed elsewhere. The Vegetarian Resource Group does have a few original ideas, though, including a Korean Barbecued Tofurky, Glazed Tofurky, Tofurky Stew and Tofurky Aztec häuser downloaden sims 4 ps4.

Turtle Island’s recipe for a Maple-Pecan Tofurky Roast sounds intriguing, but I’m a wee bit worried about the chili paste – too spicy for my overly sensitive taste buds g power? Maybe I’ll be a goober and stick with Matt Lush’s simple Tofurky baste suggestion: 3 tablespoons olive oil (or other vegetable oil) + 1 tablespoon soy sauce + 1/2 teaspoon ground sage herunterladen. Or dare I try his third option, with apricot jam?

Any suggestions from the veg*n gallery? What are y’all doing for the holiday? Are you even celebrating the holiday tetris handy kostenlosen ohne anmeldung?

Whether you are or you aren’t, PETA2 is giving away a few free Tofurkys wie kann ich serien bei netflix downloaden. Just blog about “why you won’t be eating turkeys this Thanksgiving (for all of your friends to see!), then leave a link to your blog as a comment below” – by November 19 – and drop a link to your entry in the comments.

Why won’t I be eating a dead bird on 11-27, you ask?

Satya - November 2006

Because there’s someone behind – inside, actually – that meal. A previously living, breathing, loving, thinking, sentient being, with rights and interests far more important than my wish for a meaty meal.

2004-01-02 - Turkeys-001

Turkeys are always welcome at my place, of course, just not in the oven.

So, why won’t you be eating a turkey – and what will you be eating instead?



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2 Responses to “Save-a-Turkey Day: T minus 12 days and counting!”

  1. sac Says:

    Thank you for addressing concern for turkeys. Turkeys can be just like dogs and cats if we gave them the chance. They have a life, they have feelings and want to live just as much as we do. I have been a vegetarian for 11 years and am proud of my choice. Many people say they love animals but will turn around and eat them. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I think some people need to wake up and realize the pain and suffering they are contributing to instead of taking the easy way out by closing their eyes to those who are crying out for help.

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