Four degrees from Kevin Bacon, two degrees from Gene Baur!

December 10th, 2008 7:52 pm by mad mags

Last week, the Mr. interviewed Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary fame for his weekly podcast, The Libertarian Dime herunterladen. I know, I know; libertarianism might seem a strange pairing for veg*nism, but Shane assures me that veg*nism as it relates to a “policy of non-aggression” has a long history in the school of libertarian thought herunterladen. Wev. I’m just happy that he’s using his soapbox to introduce fellow white heterosexual nerd-doods to animal lib topics. His co-host even agreed to go vegetarian for 30 days, starting on January 2nd herunterladen. Yay Jonathan!

Here’s the show description:

In this episode of the Libertarian Dime, Shane and Jonathan interview Gene Baur of the Farm Sanctuary organization world atlas. The discussion covered a wide range of topics from factory farming to Silk Nog. Shane tied the goals of Farm Sanctuary to the libertarian philosophy of “non-aggression towards others.” This is an episode covering a topic you’ll not hear on other libertarian podcasts schnittprogramm kostenlos download. It’s a must listen.

As an interesting aside, Shane’s work on the Libertarian Dime means I’m two degrees removed from Gene Baur, and a mere four from Kevin Bacon (Shane to Michael Shermer to Stephen Colbert to Kevin Bacon, who helped Stephen decorate his Nixon tree on last night’s show.)

Anyway, you can take a listen here planer 2020 herunterladen. (And no, I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet; this doesn’t make me an awful wife so much as a busy one. Viva la CriFSMas titelblatt herunterladen!)

Note to Shane: when I promise you a shout out, a shout out you get!

Colbert Report Shout-Out

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