Kinship Circle: ACT/ Brindi’s Life Matters. Help Save Her.

December 27th, 2008 3:30 pm by Kelly Garbato

Update, 1/19/09: VERDICT: Brindi lives and comes home soon!

Update, 1/7/09: Kinship Circle: Update/ Brindi’s Fate In Judge’s Hands

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From: Kinship Circle – kinshipcircle [at]
Date: Dec 26, 2008 6:03 PM
Subject: ACT/ Brindi’s Life Matters. Help Save Her.


12/26/08: Brindi’s Life Matters. Help Save Her.

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Halifax (Nova Scotia) has recognized that Brindi is not a threat to humans. It was informed by two respected trainers that her wayward behavior does not signify aggression and definitely can be corrected. Yet the city prefers to have her pay the ultimate price for human error, rather than accept reasonable alternatives that would both maintain safety and keep her alive.

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KINSHIP CIRCLE realizes that not everyone agrees with this plea to spare Brindi’s life. We respect opinions, but ask that you refrain from sending us an ALL-CAPS, exclamation-point complaint. Any time you disagree with our stance — in this case, no-kill without exception for a healthy animal — simply delete the alert. Thank you for your unyielding voice for animals.


FULL CONTACT INFORMATION. Email block & sample letter follow.


HRM Animal Services
P.O. Box 1749
Halifax, NS B3J 3A5
Andrea Macdonald, Animal Services: 902-490 1791
main ph: 902-490-4000; fax: 902-490-6142
web form:
by-law enforcement: bylawcomp [at]

Mayor Peter J. Kelly
Halifax Regional Municipality, Office of the Mayor
1841 Argyle Street
P.O. Box 1749
Halifax, Nova Scotia; Canada B3J 3A5
ph: 902-490-4010; fax: 902-490-4012; email: kellyp [at]
Halifax Council, Community Councils, Boards, Committees, Legislation:
902-490-4210; clerks [at]

Halifax Regional Municipality Councilors
P.O. Box 1749
Halifax, N.S. B3J 3A5
ph: 902-490-4050; fax: 902-490-4122
email: streats [at], barry.dalrymple [at], david.hendsbee [at], Lorelei.Nicoll [at], mcclusg [at], andrew.younger [at], karsteb [at], barkhoj [at], smithj [at], wilema [at], blumenj [at], sloaned [at], utecks [at], jennifer.watts [at], walkerr [at], humd [at], mosherl [at], adamss [at], brad.johns [at], harveyb [at], outhitt [at], rankinr [at], peter.lund [at]

Nova Scotia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals
1600 Bedford Highway, Suite 422
Bedford N.S. B4A 1E8
ph: 902-835-4798; fax 902-835-7885
email: animals [at], info [at]

The Honorable Rodney Macdonald
Premier of Nova Scotia
One Government Place, 7th Floor, 1645 Granville St.
PO Box 726
Halifax, NS; Canada
email: premier [at]


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bylawcomp [at], kellyp [at], clerks [at], streats [at], barry.dalrymple [at], david.hendsbee [at], Lorelei.Nicoll [at], mcclusg [at], andrew.younger [at], karsteb [at], barkhoj [at], smithj [at], wilema [at], blumenj [at], sloaned [at], utecks [at], jennifer.watts [at], walkerr [at], humd [at], mosherl [at], adamss [at], brad.johns [at], harveyb [at], outhitt [at], rankinr [at], peter.lund [at], animals [at], info [at], premier [at]

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SAMPLE LETTER — This letter is prepared to inform you about the issue.
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Dear HRM Animal Services and Officials of Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Sometimes one life represents many. Brindi and her caretaker Francesca Rogier are one dog and one woman — but their ordeal resonates worldwide.

On July 24, 2008 Halifax animal control officers seized Brindi for euthanasia. Since then, she’s languished in the SPCA’s city pound. Rogier has not been allowed to see her dog for six months.

Halifax animal control officers seem to use preemptive euthanasia, rather than “educate on responsible pet ownership” or consider statements from people who know the animal in question. Brindi has never attacked a human. She has never gravely injured an animal. She is a microchipped, spayed and vaccinated obedience class graduate who lived with Rogier and her two cats.

Brindi’s three offenses occurred when the rambunctious shepherd-lab mix broke loose and dashed toward other dogs and their people walking on a road that borders Rogier’s property. After the first encounter (with no report of serious injury to the other dog), police cited Rogier for lack of a municipal license — which she obtained quickly thereafter.

The second incident in April 2008 led to another dog’s minor puncture wound, for which a guardian is ordinarily fined or ordered to erect fencing. Officers instead issued a permanent muzzle order that, under Halifax By-Law A300, commands euthanasia for any future violation.

On July 20, 2008 Brindi ran out a door before fully muzzled and leashed. With Rogier behind her, Brindi bee-lined toward a man and his two dogs. Brindi circled as the man kicked at her. Apparently, no injuries were recorded. Still, Brindi was sentenced to die within four days of the event.

If Animal Services does not cancel Brindi’s euthanasia, I urge municipal authorities to intervene. Please give Brindi her life and release her to Francesca Rogier, who has already fenced in her home’s entryways, consulted a private trainer, and agreed to pay all fines and costs. I urge you to examine statements from those who know Brindi:

* Brindi’s vet has never documented “aggression” in the dog’s medical file.
* Neither her groomer nor kennel owner consider Brindi a dangerous dog.
* Even a mail carrier wrote that she was certain Brindi would never bite her.

Brindi’s life matters. While public safety is rightfully your priority, the quick-to-kill response lacks humanity and progressive vision. Surely you can send Brindi home with stipulations. She does not need to die.

Thank you,




They want to kill my dog.

“FREE BRINDI” This dog must not be euthanized!


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