Uncle Sam vs. Felix the Lamb

December 30th, 2008 2:09 pm by Kelly Garbato

After a few days away from the internets, I sat down at my desk this morning, only to find 100+ emails cramming my inbox – most of which are end-of-the-year donation appeals. Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind receiving the occasional solicitation – even though these can quickly add up, as I’m subscribed to a ridiculous number of mailing lists. But as we approach the 31st, groups have ramped up their efforts to the point where I’m receiving a couple emails per day, per group. That’s spam, peoples, and it’s only slightly less annoying when done by a non-profit. Seriously, it’s going to take me an hour to slog through it all.

One solicitation from Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary – who haven’t spammed me ad nauseum, I should add – is super cute, so much so that it yanked me out of my grumpy stupor, if only for a moment.

I just have to share:


I love it!

You can view the entire email as a web page here, and, if you’d like to send some cash Woodstock’s way, go here.

I think I’ll make a last-minute donation as a token of gratitude to Woodstock for not abusing my inbox.



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