Truth in Advertising: Fishermen are stone-cold killers.

January 4th, 2009 5:43 pm by mad mags

When I first spotted this series of ads for Hobie Kayaks on Ads of the World, I was taken aback backgammon free android. Flabbergasted, actually.

This is some violent imagery – the kind you’d expect to see on the box of an adult video game.

Hobie Kayaks - Rope

Hobie Kayaks - Knife

Hobie Kayaks - Gun

The first two are particularly chilling: Ad #1 depicts a terrified fish, rope wrapped tight around his throat, being choked to death by a shadowy figure; muscles straining, biceps tensed epaper for free. This scene is set to the tag line, “Gives fishing a hands on feel.” Ad #2 shows a man in a fedora slitting a gasping fish’s throat, red blood streaming everywhere kun je instagram download op ipad. “Fishing up close and personal,” the text eerily proclaims. In Ad #3, a gun, complete with silencer, presses to a fish’s temple; “Put the silent in fishing,” indeed.

And yet, this torture porn is being used to market sporting equipment – as in, actual sporting equipment, the type which doesn’t necessarily involve murder-for-fun. I assume some people purchase kayaks for kayaking, no?

If you check out Hobie’s website, you’ll see that they group their products into three categories: sailing, kayaking and fishing. In other words, Hobie makes a variety of kayaks, many of which are not meant for fishing, and they market to athletes as well as “fishermen” (and women). While the latter demographic will most likely get a good heehaw out of these ads, I find it just as likely that non-fisherpeoples will be horrified by the violent, sadistic images. Honestly, I’m not really sure what Hobie’s PR department was thinking. Even if the company only ran these in Field & Stream, hello! internets. Should I ever find myself in the market for a kayak, Hobie’s won’t get my business, I tell you what.

On the positive side, at least Hobie’s is being honest: people who enjoy snuffing out the lives of innocent animals are sadistic, stone-cold killers, thugs and murderers.



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