Bashing Bush like it’s going out of style.

January 18th, 2009 6:29 pm by Kelly Garbato

I had planned on blogging an animal rights advertisement tonight, but…meh. I got all distracted by this shiny little counter from CREDO Action, which I’ll soon be able to remove from my sidebar:

we can has new prez now?

we can has new prez now? o plz says yes!

So, in honor of dubya’s last day in office, here’s a retrospective of some of my favorite print ads featuring the decider himself. As it turns out, Bush II is “good” for selling everything from blenders to climate change awareness. (And, after eight very long years, a few hearty teehees, too.) I’ve blogged a few of the animal-friendly ads here in the past, but most are “new,” as in, new to the blog.

And if the ads don’t make you cry-laugh tears of joy, the music video sure will.

Anima Pro - Bush

“A dog loves you the way you are. Adopt one.”

Amnesty International (Guantanamo Bay - Bush)

Greenpeace - Oil

Greenpeace - Unemployment

Greenpeace - Economy

Abebooks - GW

SK Bedding - George W. Bush

Caja de Ruidos - George

Tesa - Bush

Stabilo Erasable Pens - Mistakes

Arno Blender - Bush

Daimler Chrysler, Smart - Saddam

Daimler Chrysler, Smart - Bush

Amnesty International - Flag, 4



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