Daily Aphorisms for V(eg*n)-Day(s)

January 18th, 2009 3:53 pm by Kelly Garbato

Look Two Ways by Bart Potenza (2008)

Life is not about being right;
it’s about doing the right thing.

I meant to review Bart Potenza’s Look Two Ways on a One-Way Street: Food for Thought from the Founder of Candle Cafe and Candle 79 as part of my annual easyVegan Guide to Easy, Veg*n Holiday Gifts, but – alas! – I was so preoccupied with FSMas decorations this year, that I plum forgot to even write a guide! Better late than never though, yeah?

Daily Aphorisms for Vegans, Vegetarians & Omnis of All Stripes

five out of five stars

(Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review at the publisher’s invitation.)

Look Two Ways on a One-Way Street is a collection of optimistic and inspiring quotes from Bart Potenza of Candle Cafe and Candle 79 fame. “The Candles” are two vegan/vegetarian restaurants in New York City. Though I’ve never been, they look delish – and Candle 79 was voted the Best Vegetarian Restaurant by VegNews in 2007. These “daily aphorisms,” as Bart refers to them, have even made cameos on the Candles’ “on hold” phone systems. Hey, it sure beats musak, am I right?

Look Two Ways would make a cute little stocking stuffer V-Day gift – especially if presented over dinner at the Candle Cafe or Candle 79! If you’re not lucky enough to live in NYC, though, you can always pick up a copy of The Candle Cafe Cookbook and prepare your sweetie an original dish from the restaurant.

The adage above is definitely my favorite of the bunch; I’ll leave y’all with a few more quotes that I’m totally diggin’ on.

Oh, and I’m still working through How to Eat like a Vegetarian Even If You Never Want to Be One by Carol J. Adams and Patti Breitman…cookbook reviews are slow going, doubly so when you’re not really the gourmet cook type.

In the end, only
you can make you feel good.

Inner conflict never goes away.
Stop fighting it.

If you want a piece of the pie,
you may have to bake it yourself.

It’s not always a perfect world
and you’re not always going to have
perfect thoughts. Forgive yourself!


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