A coma of cuteness (with a side of bittersweet).

January 24th, 2009 11:41 pm by Kelly Garbato

It all started with this video, posted by Stephanie on the Change.org Animal Rights blog – Rat Loves Cat:

ZOMFG, me wants rats! Too bad I already have a house full of killer cats and canines. *pout*

Of course, once I was over at You Tube, I couldn’t stop clicking on all those cute vids on the right hand sidebar.

First up – Kitten afraid of remote control mouse:

Then on to Sleepy, playful kitten:

Ugh. And then I saw it: Adorable Persian Kitten For Sale!

Meh. Will not post link.

So I click on over to the user’s profile…

I breed Persians as a hobby and I love playing with my kittens. I also love to read books and spend time with my two daughters.

Well isn’t that sweet. Lady, I hope you realize that your “hobby” is responsible for the deaths of millions of cats a year. In part, anyway.

But hey. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s cuteness high, so who wants a little Kitten Loves Puppy!?



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