CNN Heroes: Nominate a Hero for the Animals in 2009

February 4th, 2009 1:17 pm by Kelly Garbato


Okay, okay, last contest for today – promise!

I’ve blogged about the CNN Heroes project in years past. Whereas I was under the impression that it was a one-time contest (with a one-time sequel in ’08), it appears that CNN plans on holding the Heroes contest annually. You can nominate a Hero any time throughout the year; at least, until CNN selects the year’s finalists and opens up viewer voting. I was unable to find a definitive timeline on the Heroes website, but nominations for 2009 are now open.

The process is rather straightforward: simply fill out this form and submit it online. You’ll need to know your Hero personally, at least well enough to provide full contact info. There are a few essay-type questions as well, with a cumulative 500 word maximum.

Your Hero must belong to one of seven categories:

1. Championing Children — Commitment to the welfare of young people.
2. Community Crusader — Creating solutions to a local program or social issue.
3. Defending the Planet — Innovative efforts to preserve and protect the environment.
4. Everyday Superhero — Spontaneous acts of courage in the face of danger by members of the public.
5. Medical Marvel — Dedication to the enhancement of human health.
6. Protecting the Powerless — Advancing the cause of human or equal rights.
7. Young Wonder — Outstanding achievement by a person 25 and under.

An animal advocate might “fit” in several of these groups. For example, someone working to trap, neuter and release feral cats may be a “community crusader,” inasmuch as she is finding non-traditional solutions to a community problem (e.g., companion animal overpopulation and feral cats). Activists who focus on whale protection are “defending the planet.” “Medical Marvels” could include scientists or activists who use (or encourage the use of) humane research methods. And so on.

If you know someone who is working to better the world for non-human (and human) animals in 2009, share their story with CNN today. It’d be great to see one or more animal advocates make the cut in 2009! And keep checking back for updates – I’ll let y’all know when voting’s open for the 2009 finalists.

If you do nominate a Hero, drop us a line in the comments – I’d love to hear about him or her!



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